New Snapshots Video: Why Trauma & Poverty Interventions Fall Short

With examples from Oakland Freedom Schools, Macheo Payne, senior director of equity and educational initiatives at Lincoln, showcases how programs can achieve breakthrough impact in closing the achievement gap. Oakland Freedom Schools, a summer literacy program for students of color and low-income families, intentionally addresses cultural, racial, and societal issues alongside reading skills.

Watch his poignant Snapshots presentation to learn how and why race-based interventions can address the root of disproportionate levels of trauma and poverty in the Black community. … more

New Snapshots Video: Harnessing the Millennial Boom

As millennials now outnumber baby boomers and Generation Xers as the largest age group in both the country and the workforce, the shifting demographics are creating growing pains for some workplaces. But, Laura Kozak, the self-proclaimed Millennial Whisperer and chief administrative officer at Grace Hill Settlement House, offers some help.

Watch her hilarious and insightful Snapshot presentation to learn three essential techniques for working with millennials.

"If you honor millennials' sense of purpose, they will contribute to your organization," said Kozak during her talk at the 2016 Alliance National Conference. … more

New Snapshots Video: Insights to Innovation: Building a New Kind of Grocery Store

Listen to Adair Mosley as he describes how Pillsbury United Communities is unleashing the power of human-centered design to drive authentic engagement and innovation around holistic community health and wellness.

Through ongoing work to empathize, ideate, prototype, and test solutions, Pillsbury is designing North Market a new kind of grocery store that purposefully integrates three elements of community health in one place—access to healthy foods, health care and wellness services, and a place to build community. … more

New Snapshots Video: Disrupt Aging

The way we think about aging is changing, and with one in three Americans now 50 or older, it’s time that our discourse around aging exposes outdated beliefs and empowers some of our most experienced community members.

Through this mixed media presentation called #DistruptAging from AARP, challenge current language and beliefs about growing older, and think about solutions. … more

Peter B. Goldberg Aramark Building Community Executive Leadership Award

The Peter B. Goldberg Aramark Building Community Executive Leadership Award honors one exceptional chief executive who represents community centers or leads neighborhood-based strategies that improve the health and well-being of families and communities.

Sponsored by Aramark, in partnership with the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, the award includes a $40,000 contribution from Aramark to the award winner’s community impact efforts.

An ideal candidate is: … more

New Snapshots Video: Images of Grace

When someone is unemployed, homeless, or carries a criminal record, do we listen and learn their lived experiences, or do we bring biases and judgments to our work?

In this humbling and reflective talk, Rod Jones, president and CEO of Alliance for Strong Families and Communities member Grace Hill Settlement House, describes a powerful photography project and how it helped him to identify and move beyond his own judgments. … more

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