Advancing Equity Through Access to Quality, Affordable Housing

This Alliance for Strong Families and Communities member profile showcases the power of authentic engagement—approaches that support families and communities in developing and applying their strengths and gifts to achieve their goals.

The Rockford Housing Authority (RHA), through restructuring and reorientation including the creation of its nonprofit subsidiary Bridge Rockford Alliance, has set out to provide more than just housing. It operates with the belief that housing as a pathway to increased stability, well-being, and community engagement.

From the very beginning, however, it has had to contend with systems that are unaccustomed to its philosophy on housing. When “not in my backyard” protests erupted from residents, its approach was put to the test. True to its authentic engagement orientation, RHA has stood up to these fears and advocated for its public housing residents and worked with neighbors to co-create solutions.

Recognizing that engagement should be viewed as a philosophy that underpins all of an organization’s work, rather than exist as a siloed program, this seroes of member profiles explores practices being applied by varied organizations. Regardless of programs or missions, meaningful results in health and well-being, equity, and safety and security for families and communities.

Topic of Report: 
Social Capital and Community Building
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