Alliance Staff Directory

Senior Associate for Knowledge, Leadership, and Innovation
E-mail, 414-359-6552

Director of Editorial Services
E-mail, 414-359-6521

Manager of Communities and Collaboration
E-mail, 414-659-6559

  • Alliance National Conference study tours and Snapshots presentations
Associate Director of the Center for Engagement and Neighborhood Building
E-mail, 414-359-6605

E-mail, 414-359-6535

Senior Associate
E-mail, 414-359-6601

Knowledge Director
E-mail, 414-359-6578

Staff Accountant
E-mail, 414-359-6523

Mailroom and Building Services Coordinator
E-mail, 414-359-6539

President and CEO
E-mail, 414-359-6546

Assistant Controller
E-mail, 414-359-6520

Director of Conferences
E-mail, 414-359-6543

  • Conferences and meetings
  • Presenting at conferences and meetings
Knowledge Management Associate
E-mail, 414-359-6544

Editorial Associate for Families in Society
E-mail, 414-359-6714

Member Relationship Manager
E-mail, 414-359-6524

Meeting Planner
E-mail, 414-359-6551

Senior Librarian
E-mail, 414-359-6558

Director of Resource Development
E-mail, 202-429-0599

Vice President of the Alliance Center on Leadership
E-mail, 414-359-6554

Staff Accountant
E-mail, 414-359-6555

Director of Child and Family Systems Innovation
E-mail, 414-335-0621

Director of Marketing and Communications
E-mail, 414-359-6570

Knowledge, Leadership, and Innovation Operations Associate
E-mail, 414-359-6562

Public Relations Manager
E-mail, 414-359-6564

Content and Production Manager
E-mail, 414-359-6595

Network Engineer
E-mail, 414-359-6549

Senior Vice President of Knowledge, Leadership, and Innovation
E-mail, 414-359-6536

Research Associate
E-mail, 414-359-6532

Director of the Center for Engagement and Neighborhood Building
E-mail, 414-359-6607

Director of the Alliance Intergenerational Initiative
E-mail, 414-359-6586

Development Analyst and Writer
E-mail, 414-359-6606

Lead Designer
E-mail, 414-359-6572

  • Advertising specs
  • Logos
Director of Consultation and Advisory Services
E-mail, 414-359-6560

Director of Information Technology
E-mail, 414-359-6534

Senior Vice President for Public Policy and Mobilization
E-mail, 202-429-0638

Civic Engagement Research Coordinator
E-mail, 414-359-6590

Policy Analyst
E-mail, 202-800-7367

  • Information related to:
    • Child care and early education
    • Temporary assistance for needy families
    • Workforce development
Research Analyst
E-mail, 414-359-6585

Operations Associate
E-mail, 414-359-6580

E-mail, 414-359-6582

Director of Network Development and Engagement
E-mail, 414-359-6561

Human Resources Specialist
E-mail, 414-359-6588

E-mail, 414-359-6589

Assistant Controller
E-mail, 414-359-6596

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO
Editorial and Production Associate
E-mail, 414-359-1040

President of FEI Behavioral Health
E-mail, 414-359-6600

Manager of Policy Advocacy and Mobilization
E-mail, 202-429-0636

Accounts Payable Coordinator
E-mail, 414-359-6602

Office Manager and Executive Assistant to the COO and CFO
E-mail, 414-359-6608

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