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Alliance Magazine: Issue 4 — 2013

Pulling It All Together: Components of Strategic Leadership

Organizations can become transformative

This is the third article in a four-part series on strategic governance. Part onepart two, and part three are available online.

In previous articles in this series, I have highlighted several leadership characteristics of strategic organizations that I believe nonprofit organizations must embrace in order to assure future success. The following is a summary of them.

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Balancing Discovery and Innovation with Affordable Loss

Author of Little Bets shares how concept can work for nonprofits

Peter Sims, author of Little Bets: How Breakthrough Ideas Emerge from Small Discoveries, is helping others see how low-risk actions and creative methods can be used to identify possibilities that will achieve breakthrough ideas.(1)

“Little bets are concrete actions taken to discover, test, and develop ideas that are achievable and affordable,” says Sims. “In a new undertaking or new project, we often think we must have the answer before we begin. The point of little bets is that it’s very often impossible to predict what is going to work and what is not.”

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Movement Looks to Improve Children’s Health, Well-Being

Sectors partner to explore data sharing across agencies, state lines

It started with a burrito challenge. The diners were hungry and the potential prizes highly coveted—the special burrito with the hefty price tag would be on the house, a $25 gift card would be pocketed, and the champion would realize immortality on the restaurant’s wall of fame.

Yet the challenge seemed insurmountable and fronting the cost of the burritos too much of a risk. Not only were there the starchy ingredients and spicy kick of the hot sauce to consider, but also the sheer volume of the tortilla-wrapped entrée. The diners realized that if they could band together they could conquer the challenge with ease. There was no chance of succeeding alone. … more

Entering the Health Care Space

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is necessitating and paving the way for experimentation in health care systems, delivery, and funding.

“This is changing the way we do business,” says Paul Castro, CEO of Alliance for Children and Families member Jewish Family Services of Los Angeles (JFSLA). “We are entering a completely different world.”

In order for America to bend the health care cost curve, providers must address patients’ health holistically, coordinate care, and mitigate the social determinants of health. … more

Controlled Studies Meet Practice Knowledge

Scientific and human service communities partner for proven programs

The highly controlled environment of a scientific study couldn’t be more different from the messy environment faced by human-serving organizations, but if they are to be effective, programs must be successful in both worlds. … more

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