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Lead with Your Mission; Partner to Achieve It

When preparing to give the commencement address at the University of Washington Tacoma in June, I have to admit, I felt pressure. I was allotted just 10 minutes to impart a meaningful and inspirational message to 1,300 graduates, many of whom are looking to embark on professional careers in the midst of one of the toughest job environments in history. … more

Beacons of Light: Emerging Vision of Work Is Guided by Societal Ideals

During a recent evening flight to Pittsburgh, I observed the lights on the ground below the plane; I was struck by the symbolism they held for America’s wonderful nonprofit sector. To me, each of you is a local “beacon of light” that provides a crucial safety net. Through advocacy, partnerships, creativity, and leadership, you build the capacities of your communities to achieve a level of combined strength that is even bigger than the programs and services your agencies provide. … more

Neighborhood Revitalization: Something for Everyone

Editor’s Note: Peter Goldberg completed this Perspectives column shortly before his untimely death. Fittingly, it reflects an innovative perspective about a timely subject. Goldberg was renowned for his inventive mind, a mind the greatly benefited the Alliance for Children and Families and United Neighborhood Centers of America, as well as their members.   … more

Clash of Ideologies Makes Civic Engagement a Necessity

In Wisconsin, where the Alliance for Children and Families is headquartered, the obvious highlights of winter were holidays, college bowl games, winter activities, a Super Bowl victory, and even a small sign of spring thanks to a lonely groundhog. But, very few people were aware that some behind-the-scenes activities, which began on Election Day in November and were revealed in early February, would be similar to the fireworks of Independence Day.  … more

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