7 Tools to Strengthen and Elevate Brand Awareness

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Using actual strategies, processes, and tools derived from the highly successful rebrand of The Children’s Center, this workshop will provide a comprehensive framework and set of tools that nonprofits can use to build, strengthen, and significantly increase overall visibility of their brand.

By creating and leveraging the power of your brand persona and creating a message map system to align leadership, staff, board members, and other stakeholders, your organization will be able to quickly, clearly, and consistently articulate the essence of your brand: what you do, why you do it, and how you do it better. Empower your staff, board members, and key stakeholders to become your strongest brand ambassadors.

Learning Objectives

  • Consistently apply your brand across all communication channels
  • Leverage the power of the media to lift up your brand
  • Utilize your subject matter experts to strengthen and elevate awareness of your brand
  • Leverage your compelling brand story to increase brand visibility

Presenters: R. Trent Thompson, senior director of brand and strategic communications, and Tammy Zonker, chief philanthropy officer, The Children’s Center of Wayne County

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