Alliance Core Values

In agreement with its mission, the Alliance for Children and Families embraces its core values and aligns them with all aspects of the organization—at the staff, leadership, and governance levels.

Staff celebrate the Alliance’s values and recognize their role in supporting them, both as individuals and collectively.

The Alliance’s goal is to assure that all people who interact with the Alliance—as employees, members, external partners, or board members—describe their experience in a way that is consistent with the Alliance’s five core values.


Alliance staff challenge themselves daily to:

  • Maintain the highest standards of accountability, quality, accuracy, innovation, creativity, and professionalism
  • Demonstrate high standards in individual and collective endeavors that take place both internally and externally
  • Apply this value to all activities, from the smallest details to the largest decisions and actions

Continuous Learning

The Alliance is committed to an environment that challenges and encourages a passion and quest for continuous learning and professional development at the individual, organizational, and governance levels. This requires a commitment to:

  • Objective measurement, examination, and analysis of goals and objectives
  • Comfort among change and ambiguity
  • Agile adaptability to a fast, continuously changing environment


The Alliance is committed to an organizational culture that respects the honor, value, and dignity of every person. The Alliance:

  • Fosters mutual respect
  • Appreciates the value that diverse backgrounds add to a vibrant organization
  • Shows consistency among principles, values, and behaviors
  • Strives to demonstrate acceptance of an individual’s uniqueness


The Alliance strives to:

  • Maintain a cooperative professional environment
  • Establish partnerships with other stakeholders based on common purpose
  • Build commitment and promote good working relationships through the sharing of ideas, information, and a positive attitude


The Alliance is accountable to be a good steward of resources at all levels of the organization. It strives to assure its work and decision making includes:

  • Active participation
  • Transparency
  • Inclusion
  • Pride in individual behavior and in the Alliance
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