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Chief Executive Officer
Family Service Association
Moreno Valley, CA
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Reports to: Board of Directors The Family Services Association, a nonprofit organization, providing services in the Inland Empire of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, is seeking an Chief Executive Officer who will continue to solve individual and community problems with entrepreneurial and innovative solutions as well as maintain successful existing efforts. FSA has a well-earned reputation for creative, innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to problems and programs. To accomplish its mission of serving individuals and families, FSA with a budget of more than $25,000,000, a staff of 400 employees and 2,000 volunteers, provides services in 52 locations to more than 75,000 individuals annually. Among those programs and services are community centers, child development centers, Mobile Fresh home grocery shopping, evidenced based individual and family counseling, senior and low income housing operation and development, child abuse support and congregate and home delivery meals. To operate and maintain this extensive and diverse range of programs and services FSA maintains a wide range of working relationships with community businesses and non-profit and governmental organizations. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of working with a Board, not only to maintain programs, but also to meet new challenges with creative, innovative and business like solutions. Previous employment would most likely include several years of successful executive level experience working in a medium to large sized organization providing similar services. Additional Responsibilities: Acts as CEO to: FSA Community Housing Development Organization (Aspire) FSA Child Development Corporation FSA Senior Service Housing Corporation FSA Property Holdings LLC Desired demonstrated traits and characteristics: 1. Visionary, forward-thinking leader with an entrepreneurial spirit. 2. Coalition builder who can work on multiple levels with a wide variety of constituents to implement programs and processes and implement change as required. 3. Team leader with strong interpersonal skills which include an inclusive leadership style that endorses collaboration and open transparent communication. 4. Experience in building, retaining, leading and monitoring a high performance, cohesive management team and maintaining a resilient organizational culture. 5. Experience working collaboratively with a Board of Directors in executing a vision and mission. 6. Business acumen that will enable him/her to make effective financial and planning decisions. 7. Proven funding experience and the ability to relate comfortably with a variety of sources, including public funding stream contracts, foundations and individuals. 8. A record of success in developing strategic goals and implementing plans to accomplish them. 9. Strong written and oral communication skills including strong and effective public speaking skills. 10. Demonstrated commitment to promoting diversity within the organization and recognition of the diverse nature of the community. 11. An understanding and appreciation of current developments in the field of human services and the potential impact on non-profit organizations and the opportunities they may provide. 12. Spanish language competence would be beneficial. Education: Master’s Degree is required, preferably in Social Work, Non-profit Administration, Public Administration, Business Administration or a related field. Compensation: Salary and benefits commensurate with qualifications, experience and position person fit will be provided. Relocation assistance is negotiable, To Apply: Please direct inquires, nominations and applications, including resume and letter of interest in confidence
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To Apply: Please direct inquires, nominations and applications, including resume and letter of interest in confidence