Use this online form to apply for an SLC Rising Leaders scholarship. Review the application questions below the form.

Individual Scholarship Questions (Individuals and Each Team Members Must Answer)

  • Applicant contact information
  • What degrees does he or she have?
  • How long has he or she served in in current position?
  • How long has he or she been employed at the organization?
  • Briefly describe your organization
  • Upload a copy of the organizational chart indicating the applicant's/applicants’ level(s)
  • What are his or her current job responsibilities?
  • What is his or her prior management/leadership experience?
  • What would he or she like to get out of this conference?
  • How will participating this conference further his or her professional development goals?
  • What is your three sentence, fun, and interesting biography?

Individual Scholarship Sponsor Questions

  • Sponsor contact information
  • How would the applicant’s/team’s participation in SLC contribute to your organization meeting its goals?
  • What is your three-year leadership vision for this applicant/each of the three individuals in this team?