Topic: Self-Care for Leaders, Teams, and Organizations

Caring for others requires compassion and commitment. While we want to be able to care for others, it is often difficult when we are struggling with burnout, exhaustion, and stress. Resilience is essential for us to thrive while caring for others. During this session, we will guide participants through a resilience-building exercise. Using the framework developed by Dr. Moss Breen in the book Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World, participants will discover how diet, exercise, meditation, social support, nature, and reflection can build us into the leaders we wish to be. Participants will collectively build resilience into our work and life schedules, commit to each other that we will sustain through resilience, and discover how building resilience is contagious—when we thrive, so can those around us thrive!

Delivery Method: Short 'mini-talks', table talks, reflection exercise, meditation exercise, and practicing new approaches individually and in teams. This is a very hands-on session that will open everyone up to the notion that self-care is part of other care. 

Learning Objectives

  • How to build resilience into daily life
  • How to 'steal time' back personal time to be healthy and happier
  • How to actively reflect, daily, through meditation, exercise, and journaling
  • How individual resilience builds team and organizational resilience
  • How to 'reboot' when we fall out of resilience patterns and plans


  • Jennifer Moss Breen, associate professor and program director, Creighton University (@Jmossbreen)
  • Jenni Frumer, CEO, Alpert Jewish Family & Children's Service

Jennifer Moss Breen
Associate Professor and Program Director
Creighton University

Jennifer Moss Breen has been studying, teaching, consulting, and writing about leadership for nearly 20 years. Her passion is working with emerging leaders and dialoguing with others about the power and impact of great leaders. Topics that she feels are most essential for today’s leaders include the power of followership, healthy teams, strength through humility, building resilience through adversity, and reflection as a tool for leadership growth. Moss Breen earned her doctorate from the University of Nebraska and currently serves as an associate professor and program director for Creighton University’s interdisciplinary leadership doctorate in education. Prior to joining Creighton University, Moss Breen developed and directed Bellevue University’s Human Capital doctorate program.

Jenni Frumer
Alpert Jewish Family & Children's Service

Jenni Frumer is the CEO at the Alpert Jewish Family & Children's Service (AJFCS) and Jewish Residential and Family Services (JRFS) in West Palm Beach, Florida. She is licensed as a clinical social worker and a mental health counselor, has National Board Certification in geriatric counseling and is a Florida State registered guardian. 

Frumer graduated from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., where she earned a master’s in social work. She also holds a master’s in education from Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia; and a bachelor’s from the University of Cape Town, Republic of South Africa. She has taken classes toward a doctorate in social work at Barry University in Miami. She is a graduate of both the Wexner Leadership Training program and the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities Executive Leadership Institute, which is held in partnership with the University of Michigan.

Frumer has developed and set the standards for many of AJFCS' programs including the agency’s Centralized Information, Referral and Assistance program, the Baby Boomers Ambassadors project, the Enhanced Companion program (seniors-helping-seniors), the Holocaust Survivors' Assistance Program, and other long-term care services to seniors and the disabled including residential programs and the Guardianship program. Also, the Ambassadors Strategic Model, which is unique peer-volunteer civic engagement project, focused on aging-in-place.