Topic: Self-Care for Leaders, Teams, and Organizations

Most of us play numerous roles in our lives: Employee, partner, parent, caretaker, etc. With so much to do, it is easy to lose our sense of balance.

Leaders are no exception. Regardless of how effective of a leader you are, what kind of team you are working with or what conditions you enter, it is inevitable you will face difficult times. As the leader, the brunt of the stress is going to fall on you. Learning how to view adversity as an opportunity is key.

This workshop will help leaders in the social sector learn to reduce stress by incorporating balance into their lives. The session will discuss what work-life balance is, what prevents us from achieving balance, specific techniques for managing stress, and strategies for self-care. The session will also discuss key attributes of a successful leader and tips for maintaining resilience during times of crisis.

Learning Objectives

  • An actionable plan for maintaining work life balance
  • How to re-define personal roles and responsibilities
  • How to identify self-expectations and prioritize what is most important
  • Principles of successful leadership through practical application


  • Raquelle Solon, business solutions engineer, FEI Behavioral Health (@feinet)

Raquelle Solon
Business Solutions Engineer
FEI Behavioral Health

As FEI’s workforce resilience business solutions engineer, Raquelle Solon is responsible for the delivery of leadership development, workplace violence prevention, and crisis management trainings. She has over 17 years of experience providing workplace violence prevention training and is a certified Mandt System® faculty member.

Raquelle is also responsible for helping mental health and human services organizations determine and implement a holistic crisis management system. She is experienced in reviewing current training, policies, and procedures to identify gaps and work with clients toward a solution.

Solon has a degree in business management and communication and human resources. She has stated her master’s in international business. Notably, she was named Woman of the Year for 2012-2013 by the National Association of Professional Women for her dedication and role in workplace violence prevention.