Special format: SLC Snapshots

Topic: Advancing Equity

Presenters will deliver in a TED Talk-style presentation and lead a follow up discussion with participants. Each presenter will be allowed to present for five minutes. After all presenters have spoken they will lead small-group discussions with participants on their topics.

Join sector leaders as they discuss pathways and ideas on how to advance equity in work, communities, and neighborhoods across the nation.

Advancing Equity through Youth Programs

The U.S. has the most diverse learners of any country in the world, yet we lack diversity and equity standards within our educational settings. During this session, discuss a strategic framework for addressing diversity and culture in learning environments. Participants will interact with presenters to improve their understanding about what contributes to culturally responsive programs for youth-focused organizations.

Learning Objectives

  • The importance of diversity and equity advancement in a nonprofit setting
  • Existing methods for understanding diversity and equity practices within existing programs
  • Strategies for implementing high-quality diversity, inclusion, and equity program
  • How diversity and equity advancement impacts community and college and career success


  • Paul Faber, executive director, Youth and Family Center
  • Diane Gillaspie, executive director, Missouri Teaching Jobs

How to Overcome Resistance & Prepare Organizations to Advance Equity & Support Leaders of Color

This Snapshot will address:

  • Effective ways to move past resistance when designing diversity, equity, and inclusion programming
  • How to prepare an organization for a training on undoing racism or other potentially controversial, yet helpful training
  • Ways to help prevent derailment and support leaders of color in being successful


  • Sheryl White, vice president of training and organizational development, Neighborhood House Association
  • Kerron Norman, vice president and chief program officer, ANDRUS
  • Claude Robinson, executive vice president of external affairs and diversity, UCAN

Presenter Bios

Paul Faber
Executive Director
Youth and Family Center

Paul Faber’s career has been defined by 25 years of service leadership in a variety of roles within education and corporate environments. Faber’s expertise in leveraging institutional diversity is the centerpiece of his experience. He grew up and worked in Chicago and throughout the U.S., where he has brought his passion for development programs that improve lives.

For 10 years, Faber worked in the urban centers of Atlanta; Baltimore; Washington, D.C.; Detroit; St. Louis; and Kansas City. He effectively created 20 new K-12 schools and a host of school reform initiatives. Faber has directed efforts and fostered relationships in communities of diverse ethnic and cultural populations. He has developed bridges that have effectively bypassed historic racial boundaries and tensions to prioritize student achievement.

Faber currently serves as the executive director of the Youth and Family Center in North St. Louis City. The organization, which is a United Way agency, serves children, adults, and seniors through a variety of programs. As the executive director, Faber works to create alliances with nonprofit organizations, businesses, and education leaders by designing innovative programs that deliver critical services to economically disadvantaged students and families.

Emily Stuart
Director of Family Development and Program Evaluation
Kingdom House

Emily Stuart is the director of family development and program evaluation at Kingdom House. She oversees five core adult programs for the organization as well as all data collection, analysis, and program evaluation. She is committed to ensuring program quality and fidelity to evidence-based practice.

Stuart has a master’s in social work from Washington University in St. Louis and over 11 years of nonprofit experience specializing in evaluation, program design, fund development, and public health. She is an adjunct professor of mental health policy at Washington University's Brown School of Social Work and serves as a mentee for emerging nonprofit professionals through the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network. Stuart was also humbled to provide research support on economic mobility for the Ferguson Commission. Stuart is originally from Arizona and has practiced social work in three states.

Sheryl White
Vice President of Training and Organizational Development
Neighborhood House Association

Sheryl White, a cultural psychologist, specializes in helping leaders develop an organizational culture that is consistent with their stated values and vision. She brings over 25 years of experience providing leadership, workforce, and organization development services and is exceptional at helping leaders hone interpersonal, cultural, and leadership competencies necessary to successfully inspire, influence and lead others.

White worked as an internal organization development specialist for the City of San Diego and as an external organization development consultant for nonprofit, public, and for-profit organizations including Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.

Since 1999, White has served as a leader coach with the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and a core adjunct professor at National University. CCL has been ranked in the top five overall in Financial Times’ worldwide survey on executive education. White is also the vice president of training and organization development for the Neighborhood House Association (NHA), San Diego’s largest multi-purpose human services agency serving over 10,000 community members daily and is the founder and general manager of NHA’s social enterprise InnoVisions, which provides leadership, staff and organization development services to other organizations. Since 2010, White has been co-hosting Leadership Matters Internet radio show on Voice America’s Business Channel.

Kerron Norman
Vice President and Chief Program Officer

Kerron Norman, vice president and chief program officer at ANDRUS, provides direction for the implementation of new programs and services to meet the organization’s strategic priorities. She leads the Community-Based Services Division and supports ANDRUS’ external relationships, collaborations, and partnerships with the private and public sectors. She has played an instrumental role in increasing ANDRUS’ work to provide professional development programs to human service organizations. Norman has extensive experience in child welfare. Prior to joining ANDRUS in 2012, she was the director of child welfare for the Westchester County Department of Social Services, where she oversaw child protection, prevention, and foster care for Yonkers. She also served as deputy director of child protection for the New York City Administration for Children’s Services.

Norman has a master’s in social work from Columbia University and a bachelor’s in sociology from Binghamton University. She is a recipient of the Franklin H. Williams Judicial Commission’s Diversity Award, which honors individuals who work diligently to promote diversity and equality in the judicial system or in the community.

Claude Robinson
Executive Vice President of External Affairs and Diversity

Claude A. Robinson Jr. was born in Philadelphia. To beat the negative ills of the inner city, he attended St. Johns Northwestern Military & Naval Academy in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Robinson excelled as a student athlete and leader. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, earning a bachelor’s in psychology. He was also captain of the 1989-1990 NCAA Division III men’s basketball championship team. Robinson went on to earn a master’s in counseling at Chicago State University. His interest in sports education turned into a passion for serving youth. He currently serves as an AAU basketball coach for The Athlete Within and Kenwood Academy High School.

Robinson specializes in the personal development, education, and motivation of youth and children. He continually challenges adults to examine their perspectives and diligently strives to build positive youth and adult partnerships. Robinson serves as the executive vice president of external affairs and diversity at UCAN. His work has yielded numerous accolades, including awards from former city of Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, Miss Illinois Leadership Award 2001, and WGN-TV Channel 9’s 2000 “Unsung Hero” award. In 2008 Robinson led a U.S. delegation on a four city “Best Practice” exchange to the United Kingdom to assist policy makers and community leaders on positive youth development.