Topic: Building Sector Sustainability  

We cannot turn on the news or learn about another funding threat without wondering how we—and those we serve—are going to survive the chaos. The great genius Einstein once said, “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” The question is, how to find that opportunity, and then exploit those chaotic conditions to advance your organization’s mission. Kate O’Day, CEO of Gateway, will talk about her experience driving transformative change for children and families in the face of shifting and unpredictable challenges. This presentation will give you the tools necessary to confront chaos head on and harness its energy into inspiring vision and actionable plans for leading the future.  

Learning Objectives

  • The process and steps to build and achieve your vision
  • Best practices in strategic planning and execution
  • How to focus during chaos and clearly identify priorities
  • How to transform your board as guardians of the future
  • How to run your nonprofit at the speed of business   


  • Kate O'Day, CEO, Gateway (@gatewayfamilies @g8waykate)
  • Collier Tynes, chief of staff, Gateway (@colliertynes @gatewayfamilies)

Kate O'Day

Kathryn “Kate” O’Day is a licensed clinical social worker with over three decades of experience in transforming child and family organizations into innovative agencies of the future. She is dedicated to the values of service, advocacy, and accountability to those who have no strong and collective voice. O’Day believes that a clear, well-devised vision evidence-based practice, high-performing teams, and strong partnerships are essential to bring sustainable improvement to the community.

Before becoming president and CEO of Gateway in 2014, O’Day has made meaningful impact through her roles as founder of Richland Horizon Consulting for organizational excellence, Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, president of Child & Family Tennessee, vice president of Children’s Home Society of Florida, and Director of Program Services of Covenant House Florida. Her achievements include coalition building across government and nonprofit partners, initiation of the Tennessee Three Branches Institute for a common agenda for child welfare and juvenile justice, and enhancement of operations and development activities at numerous child welfare agencies. As a part of the Gateway team, O’Day joins the organization’s leaders, staff and partners to establish Gateway as an innovator for longstanding, transformative change.

Collier Tynes
Chief of Staff

Collier Tynes knows that behind every public figure is a servant leader with creative ideas, strategic plan-Bs, completed to-do lists, and encouraging words after the most daunting of days. With these skills, she has been successful in improving outcomes for children and families in both the public and private sectors. She has helped leaders and agencies maintain positive images, win elections, build relationships, and move Alabama forward. It is her passion to help others reach their full potential and share their achievements with the world. Tynes currently serves as chief of staff to Gateway’s CEO and uses her experience in project management and public relations to ensure the agency moves forward with successful execution of its strategic plan.

Previously, Tynes served as chief of staff to Alabama’s first lady Dianne Bentley. In this role, she managed relationships with the White House, Governor’s Office, state legislature, media, constituents, and more than 25 nonprofits. Tynes served as the first lady’s policy expert and primary negotiator to double funding for Alabama’s domestic violence shelters. She also pioneered a public-private partnership between Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs and Alabama Coalition Against Domestic Violence.