July 31 from 2:30-3:30 p.m. CT

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Partnerships are always a challenge, but they also can really pay off. Most human services leaders have experience partnering with other like-organizations.  However, engaging health providers is often difficult, as they do not typically turn to the human services sector for partnership and support. Now, more than ever, the intersection between health and human services needs to be explored and leveraged to create positive outcomes for families and communities.

This webinar will feature a success story. Beech Acres Parenting Center and The Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital have developed a unique, best-in-class partnership that is yielding very positive results. This partnership has not always been easy; it has taken intentional effort to develop a shared vision and collaborative goals. This journey has included honest and authentic communication, mutual accountability, and a tireless drive to achieve the strategic vision.

Learn how, in addition to the alignment of leadership, all project staff have been engaged to work as one team, despite allegiance to two different organizations. Presenters will share how leading the project team in this manner has provided great opportunities for learning, process improvements, and success.  After hearing about the partnership’s challenges and successes, participants will be able to ask questions, make comments, and engage in a rich conversation about how to build a partnership that intersects health and human services.

This webinar is presented by the Health and Human Services Intersection Alliance Peer Exchange (APEX) group. Join the group on myAlliance.

Who Should Attend

  • Chief executives
  • Executives
  • Board members

Learning Objectives

  • The value of partnerships between human services and health
  • The potential challenges to creating productive relationships
  • Methods to approach and engage in this type of partnership
  • Ways to maintain health and human services partnerships


  • Jill Huynh, vice president for new business development, Beech Acres Parenting Center
  • Dr. Robert “Bob” A. Shapiro, pediatrician and director of the Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Jill Huynh
Vice President for New Business Development
Beech Acres Parenting Center

Jill Huynh is the vice president for new business development at Beech Acres Parenting Center, which is a parent-focused, family-centered organization with the mission of inspiring and equipping today’s parents, families and communities to raise capable, caring, contributing children. She oversees transformative and innovative projects that will guide Beech Acres into the future by responding to the needs of today’s parents in creative and innovative ways. Hunh has been employed at Beech Acres for almost 20 years.  

Jill has been a licensed social worker in Ohio since 1994.  She has participated in numerous speaking engagements, trainings, and parenting workshops throughout the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area addressing parenting and mental health issues.  

Dr. Bob Shapiro 
Director of the Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Dr. Bob Shapiro is the director of the Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and professor of pediatrics at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. He directs the hospital child abuse team and specializes in child abuse pediatrics. Shapiro’s interests include diagnosing and treating victims of child abuse and neglect, implementing child abuse prevention strategies within primary care medical practices, and facilitating a public health response to childhood adversity and building child and family resilience.

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