Learn how to navigate myAlliance like a pro! There are several options to help members become adept on our collaboration platform, such as a walk-through tutorial, a handy “Tips and Tricks” user’s guide, and the myAlliance Q&A discussion board. We encourage you to integrate the networking features and resources of myAlliance within your office culture. For example, Jed Dews of Pendleton Place – an Alliance member organization in Greenville, SC – incorporated an overview of myAlliance as part his organization’s onboarding process for new hires.

Start simple with a single focus. Joining an Alliance Peer Exchange (APEX) group aligned with a specific role can help professional staff find answers from those who are struggling with the same challenges facing your organization – and in the process, make learning the basics of the platform second nature. Reviewing the list of connections can help locate like-minded peers working in similar positions and who are willing to discuss experiences and exchange insight. Exploring the Alliance Library opens new avenues of knowledge as well. Member policies and procedures help avoid “reinventing the wheel,” and EBSCOhost can serve as a conduit to best practices and new research in the sector.

As Lewis Carroll’s Red King said in Through the Looking Glass, it’s best to “begin at the beginning.” So, first things first: sign up and log in. Next, take the self-guided tour to learn how to edit your profile, upload your photo (since everyone loves putting a face to a name), connect with other members, participate in discussions, and more!

If you’d like to do deeper dives into relevant issues with your peers, please consider joining one of the APEX groups. Or if you have a general question or a workplace challenge for which you’d like quick feedback, feel free to post to the “Ask the Alliance Network” board in the top-level discussion area. Be sure to also check out all the materials and resource options available within the Library.

Like Pendleton Place, does your organization include myAlliance training as part of the employee onboarding process? Is a periodic review of myAlliance part of your senior leadership, HR, or finance department meetings? Consider sharing ways you and your peers are integrating the features of myAlliance into your daily or weekly activities. Any suggestions for site improvements or new content are also welcome. As always, we are eager to assist you and your organization with basic training on myAlliance, or to answer any questions you may have about the platform.

By encouraging your co-workers and senior leaders to explore all the features of myAlliance, and to actively make new online connections with like-minded peers from across the country, you are leveraging the value of your Alliance membership for your organization. Your participation helps forge positive changes within the network and for the communities we serve.