Written by Wayne Sims, retired CEO of Alliance for Strong Families and Communities member KVC Health Systems in Olathe, Kansas, Non-Profit/Pro-Growth—The KVC Story: Improving Child Welfare Through Values-Based Organizational Growth offers guidance, instruction, and inspiration for human services professionals. Cover of The KVC Story book

Inside the Book 

Readers gain a rare glimpse into the heart and mind of a leader who learned some of the most valuable career lessons possible. Learn how to:

  • Hire for character, experience and matching values, not just educational credentials
  • Turn every experience into an opportunity to learn and grow
  • Engage a workforce in the mission, vision, and culture of the organization
  • Change tact and even strategy—but never values or heart—when leading in evolving business, social, or political climates in which “successes are rarely permanent, and failures are never enduring”
  • Avoid becoming functionally irrelevant as an organization by focusing less on process and more on cultural development and on achieving outcomes
  • Use data to drive better decisions
  • Create partnerships, practices and a purpose that outlasts your tenure

A Rave Review

Alliance President and CEO Susan Dreyfus says, “Wayne's book is a must read for emerging leaders in our field and sector. The story of KVC and the highly relevant and transferable. Lessons learned shared by Wayne demonstrate how our sector is more than providers of great programs and services under contract with government. We are transformational agents of change. KVC shows all of us that it is through our steadfastness in our belief that all people should have the opportunity to live their lives to their full potential that our sector shines bright in America today. 

Wayne's recount of KVC's history and focus on the future demonstrates this beautifully. Leaders and organizations who are steadfast in their values, disruptive to status quo, humble in what they do not know, inquisitive and innovative, courageous, generous in spirit, and focused through their advocacy on making systems work better for all children, adults, and families are the ones achieving breakthrough results and success.”

The KVC Story: Improving Child Welfare Through Values-Based Organizational Growth can be found on Amazon