The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities invites members who have treatment and service delivery programs supporting victims of sex trafficking to join the new Sex Trafficking Treatment discussion board on myAlliance, our community and collaboration platform.

The board allows participants to share experiences and discuss program design and outcomes, including what works and what doesn’t. Participants can also discuss factors like physical environment, treatment design elements, trauma-informed approaches, how to engage client compliance as well as useful assessment and research tools.

Seeking opportunities to collaborate? The board offers a generative environment where participants can work together on projects or issues such as grants or other opportunities for funding, community engagement strategies (volunteerism as well as employment), transitioning back to community settings, programming for male victims, and data and outcomes sharing.

This unique discussion board is launching as a closed community and participation requires approval. To be approved, participants must already run programs for this population. If your organization provides treatment programs for sex trafficking survivors and you are interested in connecting with colleagues across the country, please send a description of your program and role to Angela Aufdemberge and Shandra Carter. Eligibility will be verified and you will be notified of next steps.

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