For many, fall is a time of transition. The weather begins to change, we adjust to daylight savings time, and we alter the types of food we prepare daily. Fortunately, fall presents an opportunity for all of us to integrate new routines and approaches that maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

To support these efforts, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities provides all members with free access to an online portal from the American Heart Association (AHA), Healthy For Life®. A library of educational experiences provides a complete health and wellness curriculum, including downloadable guides, printable handouts and videos in English and Spanish. The easy-to-follow tips, resources and videos provide Alliance members will a full suite of health and wellness content and resources, ready to share with community members.

This community health engagement model was developed by the American Heart Association and Aramark, a longtime Alliance partner. Based on AHA’s proven science, the curriculum was piloted and found to be effective in achieving positive behavior change among program participants by five Alliance members. Over the last year, almost a dozen participating Alliance members have seen additional positive results by using the educational experiences. Participants are reporting a growing confidence in their ability to identify, prepare and consume healthy food for themselves and their families.  

Dig into the Curriculum

One of the curriculum’s three main themes focuses on helping participants practice easy, budget-friendly cooking skills with healthy foods. Throughout the four ‘Cooking Skills and Food’ modules, participants:

  • Build knowledge on using knives and other common kitchen supplies
  • Prepare several quick, healthy options including salads, soups, mash and rice, with special attention on slow cooker meal ideas
  • Learn about easy healthy ingredient swaps

These turnkey resources can be used in community-based programs, workplace wellness programs, or to build your personal or family’s health and wellness knowledge.

Download the free educational experiences from the Healthy for Life online portal to help yourself and others build the skills and knowledge to cook and eat healthy foods during this fall season.