See exactly what happens during an Alliance for Strong Families and Communities Innovation Design Summit through the story of Renee, a fictitious executive at Acme Human Services.

Watch the video or read the storyboard below.

The Alliance's fall innovation design summits include:


Renee is the executive director of Acme Human Services. She and her organization are struggling to generate new ideas to persistent challenges. Time and money are limited, and she knows there must be a better way to work.


Renee then receives news of a new opportunity through the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. It's the Innovation Design Summits, where organizations will come together to generate new ideas to common challenges and opportunities.



After registering, Renee receives a survey asking her to identify the positive goals that matter most to her and her team.



Renee checks the dress code and starts to pack casual clothes that she'll be comfortable working in during the hands-on summit.



Once they arrive at the summit, Renee and her team hear from subject matter experts in the field, which helps to jumpstart everyone's thinking.



They also have a chance to interview their peers and share their own thoughts and experiences realted to the goals they're working on. This is great because they realize that everyone is an expert here.



Renee works with her group to think through how might they address common challenges and issues.



After brainstorming a lot of ideas, Renee's team chooses its favorite and creates a storyboard that fleshes it out in greater depth.



At the end of the summit, several of the participants pitch their ideas, and they're amazed to learn that, collectively, they've generated more than 30 different concepts. Renee loves hearing from her peers.



Renee and her team head home excited to have met so many people and learned about tools to fail fast and fail cheap. They sign up for the Alliance Peer Exchange group right away through myAlliance, so that they can continue to collaborate and network with their peers around the country.



A few weeks later, Renee receives the Innovation Portfolio from the Alliance and spends time reviewing all of the ideas created at the summit.



Renee and her team are able to implement some ideas at home, and they collaborated on bigger concepts through the Alliance strategic action network.



One year later, the Alliance and its network have shopped ideas to funders, and a major funder has stepped up to support implementation of a big idea. The participants collaborate to implement this idea with support from the Alliance, and now everyone's a winner.

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