Our country thrives when everyone can reach their full potential. Thus, as a strategic action network, members of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities advocate and mobilize around public policies to help all people access the tools and resources needed to thrive over the course of a lifetime.

Because we are members of communities throughout the country, we interact daily with the individuals and families we serve, giving us an up-close understanding of the challenges they face and the intersecting policies and systems infrastructure that can either accelerate or thwart their progress.

Our foundation and distinction are detailed in our public policy platform, A Blueprint for Strong Families and Communities. The platform also identifies the building blocks and unified core values that are essential for creating and sustaining the well-being of families and communities.

From our position of distinction, excellence, and influence, we mobilize to enact and protect public policies through our 2017-2019 federal public policy agenda. We work to:

  • Bolster people and communities through federal fiscal policy
  • Strengthen family well-being
  • Build thriving communities
  • Support access to affordable, preventive, and fully integrated health care
  • Accelerate charitable giving
  • Develop regulatory relief recommendations
  • Generate public financing concepts 

View the federal public policy agenda for details on specific policies the Alliance accelerates through leadership and through partnership.

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Policy, Advocacy, and Communications Toolkit

This toolkit contains information and materials to assist the Alliance strategic action network in taking action, and it equips them to be effective spokespeople for the Alliance’s public policy platform. Learn to communicate effectively with policymakers, legislators, stakeholders, constituents, and media.