The Alliance's Consulting and Advisory Services are driven by our vision of a healthy and equitable society. This vision can only be driven forward by human service organizations that are equipped to adapt to a continuously changing operating environment. Our national strategic action network, partnerships, faculty, and coaches can offer knowledge tailored to your specific needs.

The Alliance brings experience in the following areas:

Operations Support Services

The Alliance’s Operations Support Services are designed to strengthen organizations’ administrative capacity so they can advance their missions. Learn more about how the Alliance is reducing the burden of back-office services for organizations, so they can focus on their missions by reading the case studies on Youth MOVE National and Illinois Partners for Human Service

Human Capital
Through strategic partnerships, the Alliance offers comprehensive employee benefits for attracting and retaining the best talent. These include comprehensive employee benefits, solutions for retirement planning, employee assistance programs, a cost-effective state unemployment tax program, and more.

Financial Acumen
The Alliance provides robust accounting and bookkeeping services, which can be selected and packaged according to an organization’s specific needs. In addition, the Alliance offers monthly and yearly financial statements, financial report preparation for board meetings, annual audit management.

Risk Mitigation
The Alliance offers an array of exclusive resources to help organizations develop their risk management expertise and custom risk management plans and policies through numerous strategic partnerships.

Contact Lenore Schell, senior vice president of strategic business innovation at the Alliance, for a free consultation.

Residential Transformational Change

As children’s residential care models shift toward a child, family, and community focused system of care, many organizations can find themselves without the tools to transform. Learn how your organization can transform to adapt your organizational culture, practices, and other operations to align with family-focused and community-based care.

Change Leadership Transformation

Leaders of social sector organizations are expected to lead and respond to an environment of rapid changes that disrupt legacy service and business models. Effective organizations are those in which change leadership principles are applied to help teams develop a future-focused orientation; address cultural norms that hold back an organization’s evolution; and engage all members of an organization to be partners in transformation.

Building Partnerships for a System of Care

As public systems move forward in increasing generative human services that drive better outcomes and population-level change, there is growing awareness that systems change must deeply engage diverse stakeholders and acknowledge their unique perspectives and strengths to accelerate deep change. As a well-respected cross-sector facilitator with experience in public and private human services, the Alliance can lead you and your partners in effective communications and change processes that build buy-in and help ensure your success.

Contact the Alliance Consulting Services Department for more information.