The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities has a history of leaning forward into systemic change to stay true to our vision of a healthy and equitable society for all people, so they can reach their full potential. Today’s social sector is working to shape society and the systems within to be just, fair, and inclusive while developing achievable models for improved outcomes for populations experiencing disparities.

The Aramark Building Community Organizational Leadership Award (formerly known as the Peter B. Goldberg Aramark Building Community Executive Leadership Award) honors one exceptional high-impact organization that is driving a culture of population health and well-being within its community. The focus of this award is to identify an organization that is a true change agent that elevates its staff and communities in leadership, manifesting itself in a more equitable approach, sustained community change, and measurable improvement in population health and well-being. An ideal organization demonstrates continuous development consistent with change leadership, engaging all voices, and co-creating with the community.  In addition, such organizations:

  • Establish systems-change for more equitable outcomes at the community level
  • Demonstrate a “leader-team-organization-community” ecosystem approach to the development of effective business practices and scaling the contribution to increased safety and improved health for the community
  • Promote community growth/engagement/development as a holistic process
  • Advocate on issues that affect the broader community

Award Logistics

Submission Guidelines
An organizational representative should review application questions and complete the online application form. The deadline for submissions is Dec. 8, 2017 at 4 p.m. CT. Each application will be vetted by an internal leadership panel of Alliance team members and past Aramark Award winners, with Aramark selecting the winner.

Up to three finalists will be selected by the internal leadership panel for final consideration by Aramark. Notifications will be made in December. The winner will be selected in December and publicly announced at the Alliance Senior Leadership Conference Feb. 24-27, 2018.

Judges will consider nominees representing Alliance member organizations in good standing that lead neighborhood-based strategies or operate community centers.

Grant and Prize Package

Sponsored by Aramark, in partnership with the Alliance, the award includes a $15,000 unrestricted grant to the winning organization, as well as an award package available to the organization’s staff that can accommodate participation in speaking opportunities, promotional tools, public relations and promotional support, and event registrations. Depending on the scheduling of events and available center representation, this will include some or all the following:

Develop Change Leadership Brief

  • Award winner will work with Alliance team to develop a brief on best practices and promises of how effective leadership promotes the best of community center work and mission as well as highlighting relationship with Aramark. This will take place by September 2018; the brief will be shared with the whole network

Participate Alliance CEO Council Meeting

  • The CEO Council is a group of 10 or more Alliance member executives who help the Alliance’s president and CEO guide the organization toward greater fulfillment of its mission and vision
    • Award winner executive will lead a generative discussion on the importance of community center work as well as highlight the relationship it has with Aramark

Attend 2018 Alliance Roundtables

  • These two-day convenings provide functional support on relevant issues, topics, and themes
    • HR Roundtable is March 21-23 in Milwaukee
    • CFO Roundtable is April 11-13 in Kansas City, Kansas
    • COO Roundtable is April 18-2 in Indianapolis
      • A relevant staff member from award winner organization will have an opportunity to share the value and meaning of being the Aramark Building Community Organizational Leadership Award winner as well as highlighting their relationship with Aramark

Present at the 2018 Executive Leadership Institute

  • The Alliance's Executive Leadership Institute, which is held in partnership with the University of Michigan School of Social Work and Ross School of Business, equips senior-level managers and executives with the knowledge and skills to oversee day-to-day operations, and also prepare for the future and greater systems change
    • Award winner executive will co-present a session with Alliance President and CEO Susan Dreyfus at the Executive Leadership Institute Monday April 30, 2018

Lead Workshop and Have Snapshot Presentation Opportunity at 2018 Alliance National Conference

  • The 2018 Alliance National Conference, to be held in Denver Oct. 15-17, features exceptional speakers and a variety of workshops that address key issues and trends affecting the social sector; as the Alliance’s largest event, this conference offers valuable networking opportunities for executives, directors, and managers in all organizational areas
    • The award winner will be responsible for a 90-minute presentation related to best practices and promises of community center work related to increased safety and improved health for the community
    • The award winner will be responsible for a 10-15 minute TED Talk-style presentation, which is meant to inspire and motivate leaders in the sector related to fulfilling mission

Lead Workshop at 2019 Senior Leadership Conference

  • The 2019 Senior Leadership Conference, to be held Feb. 16-19 in Clearwater Beach, Florida, is uniquely tailored to the networking and knowledge development needs of executives, directors, and managers at nonprofit human-serving organizations
    • The award winner will be responsible for a 90-minute presentation related to best practices and promises of impactful and effective leaders within a community center related to increased safety and improved health for the community

Once the organization is selected, a final decision on the organization's participation in the various events will be decided between the Alliance and the award winner based on appropriateness and best fit for the organization. This information will be shared with Aramark.