In conjunction with the launch of the Blueprint for Strong Families and Communities: Public Policy Platform and the Alliance’s 2017-2019 Federal Public Policy Agenda, the Alliance has published an updated version of theMission-Based Advocacy Toolkit that was developed as part of the Building Community Voices Initiative. Originally written in 2005 in partnership with Nancy Amidei from the University of Washington, the toolkit was later updated in partnership with Bill Crim and the Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest.

The goal of this refreshed, 2017 version of the toolkit is to further:

  • Build the advocacy muscle for solutions-oriented, values-driven public policy advocacy within the social sector
  • Engage board members and volunteers
  • Motivate the whole field of social sector organizations to achieve better policies that serve children and families
  • Enhance the effectiveness and impact of our community-based organizations

This toolkit contains information and materials to assist the Alliance strategic action network in taking action and it equips them to be effective spokespeople for the Alliance’s public policy platform, The Blueprint for Strong Families and Communities. The tools and resources will assist you in communicating effectively with policymakers, legislators, stakeholders, constituents, and media.

As the public policy platform provides a framework that can be applied to all levels of government, this toolkit is intended to be used when working with city officials, local county board members, members of your state legislature, or U.S. senators or representatives. The tools provide ideas about what to cover when public officials visit your organization, or when you are testifying before a public body.

As you move ahead, remember that you are not alone in this undertaking; the Alliance will continue to provide tools and messaging to help you make your voice heard. Share the outcomes of your efforts as well as any additional resources that may enhance the effectiveness of our collective advocacy as a strategic action network.

Download Toolkit