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Episode Zero: Introducing More than Health Care
Cohosts Jill Huynh and Tim Johnstone set the stage for the More than Health Care podcast. They introduce themselves and preview the guests and topics to come, which include best practices, policy, and opportunities for integration and innovation.

Episode One: Leveraging Discoveries in Brain Science to Promote Health and Well-Being
Brain science has taught us that a big way to impact health outcomes is by understanding people’s environments and life experiences.  These factors affect how people function and help themselves get ahead. They also impact how our bodies respond throughout the lifespan. Learn about the work Economic Mobility Pathways (EMPath) is doing in a Boston neighborhood where a half mile means a 28-year difference in lifespan.

Episode Two: Using the Community to Drive Community Health 
With the goal to tackle root causes of chronic disease in communities, BUILD Health Challenge launched its first cohort in 2015. Today, it is supporting work in 37 communities within 21 different states including Washington D.C. Celebrating innovation and creativity, cohort members are tacking complex health issues in unique ways that are accomplishing solid results. This episode discusses BUILD Health Challenge’s continued journey to learn alongside its communities.

Episodes Three and Four: Why Health Care Reform Is the Greatest Disruptive Force for Nonprofits (Parts 1 and 2) 
Traditionally, 5 percent of the population drives 50 percent of the expenditures in health care and the biggest determinant of health is not what happens in primary care, but the environmental, economic, and behavioral factors in an individual’s life. Susan Dreyfus discusses her belief that health care reform is the biggest disruptive force in our field and sector today and why it’s time to “lean in.” 

Episode Five: The Nonprofit Sector—Something Has to Give
Angela Bovill, president and CEO of Ascentria Care Alliance, explains how the U.S. has underinvested in the social services sector for a very long time, and since the health care/medical sector is well supported financially, decision-making power often lies with them. Tune in as Bovill inspires and challenges us to get innovative and creative and do things differently to create a new future for our sector and better outcomes for those we serve.

Episode Six: Innovating with a Focus on Population Health Starting with Pediatrics and Schools
Jim Mason tells the story of Beech Acres Parenting Center’s journey from being a 19th-century orphanage to operating as a 21st-century parenting center that invests in innovation and partners closely with health care entities to provide holistic and systemic supports to parents, kids, and families. Learn why Beech Acres believes it is critical to serve the whole child and whole family within the context of their community ecosystem.

Episode Seven: Why Nonprofits are Sitting at the Kids' Table
Our nonprofit sector is very fragmented today. As a result, our sector is not widely viewed as a valuable resource to lead change in our community systems. We are therefore banished to the “kids’ table” and are not part of the important conversations and decision making. This episode discusses ways human services organizations can begin changing our trajectory to truly support those we serve in a big way.

Episodes Eight and Nine: United Health Care’s Community and State Program where Medicaid Lives (Parts 1 and 2)
This UnitedHealthcare program has a significant national footprint, serving over 6.8 million people in the US each year. States are looking to evolve Medicaid to increase value and address root causes of health issues for individuals within the network. Kevin Moore shares his belief that community-based human services organizations are great partners for health insurers to drive positive outcomes for individuals. 

Episode Ten: Results and Learnings from a Refugee Health Project
This episode takes a deeper look at a demonstration project in New Hampshire that is leveraging the Medicaid 1115 waiver to transform the way services are delivered to Medicaid recipients. By hiring culturally sensitive and relatable staff to provide home health care services, this programming is supporting refugees in trusting and engaging with health care services.

Episode 11: Supporting Population Health Directly for Your Employees
Organizations looking to support population health management shouldn’t forget to look internally at their own workforces. Learn about Marathon Health and the unique ways it supports its employees. From city mayor in Rockford, Illinois, to his current work at Marathon Health, Larry Morrissey uncovers interesting insights about systems of support in our communities.

Episode 12: The Power of Engaging those Over 50 in the Social Sector
Janet Waters is one of 10 “encore fellows” across the US challenged with testing, trying, and learning about what it takes to engage folks who are over 50 years of age in volunteer and paid positions in the social sector. Not only do those served by these individuals benefit from their wisdom and compassion, but the 50+-somethings also enjoy the benefit of purpose. The value of purpose in our lives has direct connections with health and wellness. Learn about Ascentria Care Alliance’s journey in this area and the difference being made in people’s lives as a result. 


Podcast 13: A Deeper Look at a Health and Human Services Integration Model
CUPS is an organization located in Calgary, Canada, whose vision is that Calgarians overcome adversity, reach their potential, and end the cycle for poverty and trauma for themselves and their families. This episode explores how this organization designed all its programs around brain science. From health education to housing, CUPS is truly promoting wellness for its community. 

Episode 14: Consulting at the Intersection of Health and Social Sectors for Overall Success 

Collaborative Consulting is a small, boutique consulting firm working at the intersection of the health care sector and the social sector. From promoting cross-sector partnerships to defining strategy, Lori Peterson and her team are driven to encourage nonprofit organizations to tweak their current service delivery models to ensure more integration between health and social services sectors. Listen for case studies and takeaways to apply to your work.

Episode 15: Building Bridges Beyond the Badge
Be inspired to expand your job description. Hear what happens when you bring trauma-informed care to a police force. For a community in Maryland, it has deescalated more incidents and provided better care for residents in mental health crises. 

Episode 16: Taking a Leap of Faith Across Sectors
Be inspired by Hawaii. When you are literally on an island, innovation and actively listening to partners must be a part of your strategy. Child & Family Service has adapted proven practice and intervention models to meet the needs of Hawaii’s multicultural communities. 

Episode 17: Right work. Right time. Right person.
Be inspired to honor differences. Listen to the learnings from a social service organization and hospital that formally merged.

Episode 18: The Dreamer and The Doer
Be inspired by teamwork. When the team includes dreamers and dooers, crisis management comes through an iPad to rural foster care families and a college campus is transformed. 

Episode 19: Creating Effective Change Makers
Be inspired to find your own power and harmony.  Hear how Deanna Singh found her purpose early, and used it to unify a variety of passions under a foundation ‘run’ by her children