Through a yearlong celebration in 2020, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is commemorating five years since the release of the Commitments for High-Impact Nonprofit Organizations. Serving as a strategy playbook for excellent, distinctive, and influential community-based human serving organizations, the Commitments outline research-based practices and values are foundational to achieving lasting impact.  

The celebration will recognize and elevate the stories of the organizations whose ingenuity, innovation, and vision, as part of the Strategy Counts initiative, helped the Alliance to establish the Commitments framework.  

      Strategy Counts Sites:

      (Posters from the 2020 Senior Leadership Conference poster walk linked)

      In addition to sharing their expertise in blog posts, articles, interviews, radio interviews, case studies, white papers, workshops, and more, the Alliance will feature the celebration at our events: 

      • Feb. 22-25: 2020 Senior Leadership Conference. The celebration will kick off with a poster walk exhibit at this conference focused on organizational excellence in Savannah, Georgia. 
      • August 2020-April 2021: Executive Leadership Institute. With our new partner, Loyola University Chicago, the Alliance continues to enhance the institute’s Commitments-centered curriculum, featuring learnings from thought leaders and peer discussions with leading community-based organizations. 
      • Oct19-Nov. 19: 2020 Excelerator. Join familiar and new colleagues from across the country for this exciting new and powerful series of scheduled and on-demand virtual experiences that will embrace learning, networking, and entertainment. 

      Through the sharing of these stories, the Alliance intends for all organizations to see how they can continue to engage the Commitments in their organizational strategy and culture to ensure that they are well positioned to achieve the positive, lasting results. 

      Thank you to our Commitments in Action Celebration Sponsors! 


      The Imperative for Impact

      The social sector has long been doing good works with children, families, and communities; however, opportunity, health, safety, economic security, and well-being remain elusive for millions of Americans.

      Imperative for Impact

      About the Commitments

      The Alliance has identified the Commitments to deliver foundational direction for members to achieve lasting impact. Learn about each of the 10 different aspects of organizational practice and culture in the framework.

      About the Commitments

      Commitments Assessment Tool

      Members implementing the assessment tool receive an authoritative, actionable report on their maturity in each Commitment. The tool evaluates the culture and values that distinguish our sector.

      Commitments Assessment Tool

      The nonprofit sector has long been doing good works with children, families, and communities, but we continue to seek a healthy and equitable society because opportunity, health, safety, economic security, and well-being remain elusive for millions of Americans.

      Communities deserve high-impact nonprofits, but impact is not about what you do—how many people you serve, how long you’ve been in existence, or how far your service area reaches. It’s about the positive change you achieve and whether or not it lasts.

      Because the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities believes that organizations do not achieve impact by accident but through dedication and rigorous attention to high standards, we’ve identified the Commitments of High-Impact Nonprofit Organizations to deliver foundational direction in achieving lasting impact.