The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is a national strategic action network driven by members aligned through shared ownership and a common vision to achieve a healthy and equitable society. We aggregate the very best sector knowledge and serve as an incubator for learning and innovation to generate new solutions to the toughest problems.

Our theory of change accelerates our promise to our network and our members’ promise to one another, so members will not only grow to be more effective organizations, but they will strengthen the collective power of our network to create a more equitable society. We seek to move the needle on poverty reduction, health improvement, educational advancement, and employment success in the U.S.

The network’s distinction is derived from members’ shared commitment to excellence, as well as our collective capacity to achieve meaningful systems and policy change. The network’s influence, rooted in this distinction, stems from our century-old spirit of reciprocity. This reciprocity is modeled through the interconnection of members, mutual accountability to our vision, and shared ownership.

In becoming an Alliance owner, members agree to support the spirit of reciprocity, live our network’s shared vision for a healthy and equitable society, and engage in the creation of the Alliance’s values-based policy platform, federal policy agenda setting and strategic mobilization for advocacy and influence.

Working with one another and the Alliance, members gain a strategic advantage in advancing their mission.

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Position your organization for sustainability and improve your fund development efforts.

Funding Resources

Alliance Peer Exchange Group: Fundraising, Marketing, and Communications

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Develop a diverse workforce and talent pipeline to reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the community being served.

Center on Leadership

Intergenerational Initiative: Second Acts for Strong Communities

National Job Board

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Leverage and strengthen generative partnerships with key actors in the public and private sectors.

Trusted Partner Program

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Participate in exclusive opportunities around creating, adopting, and accelerating innovative approaches that address root causes and create meaningful solutions.

Brain Science Initiative: Change in Mind

Intergenerational Initiative: Second Acts for Strong Communities
Events & Conferences

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Unite to mobilize in support of systems change through a shared values-based policy platform.

Public Policy & Mobilization

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Lead, create, and inform work with innovative research, practice, and policy.

Brain Science Initiative: Change in Mind

Social work journal/Families in Society

Alliance Library

Alliance Reports and Articles

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Align goals and actions, with the help of rigorous tools and support, to the sector's distinct values.

Commitments of High-Impact Nonprofits

Commitments Assessment Tool

Center for Engagement and Neighborhood Building

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Join forces in enacting and protecting key policies that strengthen families and support strong, healthy communities.

Public Policy & Mobilization

Office to Eliminate Child Abuse & Neglect Fatalities: Within Our Reach