Track: Thriving and Vibrant Nonprofit Sector
Commitment: Advancing Equity

Level of Learning: Doer

What does it take to build diverse and equitable talent pipelines for the sector? Join Undraye Howard, Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, and Richard Brown, American Express, in a frank discussion about how social sector leaders need to shift mindsets, practices, and systems to achieve a more diverse and equitable workforce.

The diversity of leaders at all levels within an organization allows for missions to be achieved, enhances programmatic outcomes, and ensures organizational leadership is truly reflective of respective communities being served. By addressing the barriers surrounding an organization's capacity to develop an equitable pipeline, the sector can increase its awareness and preparedness for taking next steps.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to mitigate the barriers that surround building equitable and diverse talent pipelines in the sector
  • Increase awareness around organizational preparedness when building equitable and diverse talent pipelines
  • Determine how to create an equitable and diverse talent pipeline


  • Undraye Howard, vice president of the Center on Leadership, Alliance for Strong Families and Communities
  • Richard Brown, vice president of philanthropy, American Express

Undraye Howard
Vice President of the Center on Leadership
Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

Undraye P. Howard is a strategic team member of the Knowledge, Leadership and Innovation Division, serving as the Vice President for the Center on Leadership at the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. He currently leads the development, creation, implementation, and coordination with network members and other key departments within the Alliance in providing strategy, solutions, and support for the development of leaders in the social sector. Howard was instrumental in developing the Alliance’s current leadership platform model, the rEvolutionary Leadership Model, premised on the development of change leaders driving for system and population-level results.

Howard also provides strategic leadership and direction related to the Alliance's equity efforts as defined within its theory of change for network members to include managing a member core equity team, co-creating deliverables and resources which lift the efforts of best practices related to equity throughout the network.

Richard Brown
Vice President of Philanthropy
American Express

Richard Brown is the vice president of philanthropy at American Express, where he oversees all three of the company’s global giving themes: Historic preservation, leadership, and community service. Special initiatives include the Partners in Preservation program with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the World Monument Fund’s Watch List as well as the American Express Leadership Academy. Additionally, Brown was a key presenter at the first White House Forum on Nonprofit Leadership and plays a lead role in the funding and development of three online platforms that support for purpose sector leaders.

Brown currently serves as a trustee of the Lincoln Fund, a foundation that supports educational programs in New York City, and is on the advisory board of the Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy. A graduate of Syracuse University, Brown has a master's in organizational change management from The Milano Graduate School at the New School University in New York.