Track: Educational Success
Commitment: Leading with Vision; Partnering with Purpose
North Star: Strategic Partnerships

Level of Learning: Learner

By providing an overview of the 3 to PhD collaborative and the initiative's focus on the development of safer, healthier, and better-educated communities, participants will learn about the history and coming together of Concordia University, Portland Public Schools, Trillium Family Services, Basics, and Kaiser Permanente to provide wraparound services and supports for a pre-k12 public school and the surrounding community.

As a social impact organization, Trillium will share its journey in visioning, trauma-informed thinking, and learning to act within community rather than upon community. Through conversations around schools as wellness hubs of the future; value-based practice and policy; and moving from nonprofit to social impact, workshop participants will discover the value of capacity-building through collaboration as well as understand the importance of value-based organizational policies and practices on sustaining gains in health, wellness, and education.

Learning Objectives

  • Collaborate to build capacity
  • Develop a vision focused on social impact
  • Understand trauma-informed impact
  • Establish value-based policy and practice


  • Kim Scott, CEO, Trillium Group
  • Jamie Vandergon, president, Trillium Family Services
  • Logan Lynn, chief impact officer, Trillium Group

Kim Scott
Chief Executive Officer
Trillium Group

As the CEO of Trillium Group, Executive Director of Trillium Family Services Foundation Kim Scott is responsible for providing executive leadership for Trillium Group. He is responsible for direct supervision to the organization’s chief executive officers and providing leadership in the development of systems, strategies, and capital.

Over the past few years, Scott and his team at Trillium have adopted a trauma-informed lens to the work of the organization. Understanding the profound impact that trauma and stress have on individuals, families, organizations, communities, and all human systems has led Trillium down a path toward creating a network of trauma-informed community partners determined to change the conversation about people and problems from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What has happened to you?" Trillium’s “Keep Oregon Well” campaign was launched in 2015, with initiatives involving poverty, equity, inclusion, and safety in the pipeline for the coming year.

Jamie Vandergon
Trillium Family Services

Jamie Vandergon is the president of Trillium Family Services and provides leadership to its diverse array of community-based and residential programs across the state of Oregon. Over the past fifteen years, she has held progressively responsible leadership positions within the agency and continues to grow the size and scope of Trillium’s programs.

Vandergon is responsible for the clinical and financial aspects of all Trillium’s programs as well as being a voice for state-wide system transformation and integrated care for a healthier Oregon. She began her career working in community-based children’s mental health programs at Johns Hopkins Hospital and initially began working for Trillium Family Services in 2002 as a school-based child and family therapist. In 2007, she left Trillium briefly to spend some time working with Multnomah County as a family care coordinator on system-wide transformation efforts and the creation of a more robust system of care.

Vandergon earned her master's in psychology from Loyola University and is a licensed professional counselor in Oregon.

Logan Lynn
Chief Impact Officer
Trillium Group

Logan Lynn is an American musician, writer, composer, singer, producer, mental health advocate, LGBT activist, filmmaker, and television personality with a career that spans the past two decades. He currently serves as chief impact officer on the executive team at Trillium Group, the corporate entity which oversees both Trillium Family Services, Oregon’s largest provider of mental and behavioral healthcare for children and families, and the Trillium Family Foundation. Lynn began working for the organization in 2014 and is the brain behind the “Keep Oregon Well” campaign to fight stigma, named one of the top mental health anti-stigma campaigns in the country by multiple national media outlets in its first year.

In 2017, Lynn was given the “Award of Excellence” by the National Council for Behavioral Health for his multimedia advocacy work and music. He is the corporate officer who oversees all of Trillium’s social impact, advocacy, community engagement, and development efforts. He is the former host of NewNowNext Music on MTV’s Logo Network and released his eighth studio album, ADIEU, in 2016. In 2017, Lynn released Lead With Love, a documentary film chronicling his controversial Inter-Community Dialogue Project with the conservative evangelical Mars Hill Megachurch, and starred in Last Meal on TBS.