Track: All
Commitment: Leading with Vision
North Star: Strategic Partnerships

Level of Learning: Learner

The federal government can play a supportive role in strengthening child and family well-being by reinforcing safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments. The two-year bipartisan budget deal passed in February 2018 was a great example of this, as it prioritized child care assistance and the Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting program.

Additionally, the fiscal year 2018 federal spending package included increases to many programs that create well-being for children and families, such as the Child Abuse Prevention and Treament Act, Social Services Block Grant, and 21st Century Learning Communities, and funded new initiatives such as the Family First Services Prevention Act. Now is the critical time for the nonprofit health and human services sector to ensure that legislation takes a public health approach and emphasizes true primary prevention. This interactive session will dig deep into new federal policy, how it’s being implemented in states, and upcoming opportunities to ensure funding is focused on what really strengthens the well-being of children and families.  

Learning Objectives

  • New legislation and increases in funding that benefit the nonprofit health and human services sector and those we serve
  • Opportunities to influence how new investments can best be leveraged to increase well-being for children and families
  • A plan to work with state and local stakeholders in advocating for how new investments in child and family well-being should be prioritized


  • Ron Clewer, COO, Alliance for Strong Families and Communities (@AllianceNews @AlliancePolicy)

Ron Clewer
Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

Ron Clewer is COO of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. In this role, he manages the strategic direction and core operating activities of the organization. He ensures the organization’s accountability to highest performance and achievement, and is be tasked with overseeing growth and outcomes and maintaining long-term sustainable operations and revenue. Clewer also works to support the organization’s culture of teamwork and collaboration, professional development, and accountability, as well as removing barriers that stand in the way of accomplishing both team and organizational goals.

Before joining the Alliance in 2017, Clewer was CEO of Rockford Housing Authority. He was appointed CEO in 2012 and deputy executive director for development in 2010, and its CEO in 2012. He launched Bridge Rockford Alliance in 2011, a nonprofit community development corporation that provides pivotal community leadership to address the root causes of poverty and integrates human services and supports with housing.

Under Clewer’s leadership, Bridge Rockford Alliance and Clewer’s team were highly visible and active in the Alliance. Bridge Rockford Alliance won the 2016 Commitments Award for Engaging All Voices, one of the Alliance’s Commitments of High-Impact Organizations.

Clewer has served as an advisor to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for topics such as fair housing, social determinants of health, green energy, healthy homes, affordable housing reform, and mobility programs. His work earned him the Mary K. Nenno Advocacy Award recognizing him for outstanding and innovative achievement in the area of legislative advocacy.

Clewer was instrumental in developing innovative partnerships and creative community-building initiatives at Bridge Rockford Alliance that focus on supportive housing and human services to improve the quality of life for residents. With a belief that health starts at home, he has redirected focus to the integration of housing with the social determinants of health to ensure that all residents have equitable opportunities and can lead their lives to their full potential.

He received his associate’s in business administration from Benedictine University and has completed the Alliance’s Executive Leadership Institute.