Tracks: Educational Success; Thriving and Vibrant Nonprofits
National Imperative North Star: Strategic Partnerships
Commitments: Partnering with Purpose; Co-Creating with Community

Level of Learning: Doer

Fiscal mapping, the process of identifying the funds that support or could support a program or population-level outcomes, can serve as a powerful tool to accelerate collective impact initiatives. This process enables communities to inform collaborative decision-making, strengthen relationships among stakeholders, identify new funding opportunities to bridge service gaps, and better align efforts across multiple entities.

During this session, we will provide an overview of what fiscal mapping can achieve and the core components of a successful process that can inform sustainable practice for community-based and nonprofit organizations.  

Learning Objectives

  • How to identify gaps in service areas across jurisdictions or populations
  • How to broker partnerships that can more successfully solicit funding for cradle to career programs
  • How to come to consensus, or prioritize, strategic actions that can be used to achieve collective goals  


  • Adam Rabinowitz, media and strategy project manager, Collaborative Communications Group (@adamrab720)
  • Shawn Stelow Griffin, senior director, Collaborative Communications Group (@ssgriffin66)

Adam Rabinowitz
Media and Strategy Project Manager
Collaborative Communications Group

As a media and strategy associate, Adam Rabinowitz is an experienced communications and strategic planning project manager for an array of nonprofit and institutional clients that have included Jobs for the Future; University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education; National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine; Learning First Alliance; and Norwich University Applied Research Institutes. He supports the development of media and public relations campaigns, strategic and sustainability plans, and other communications deliverables across the firm.

Shawn Stelow Griffin
Senior Director
Collaborative Communications Group

Shawn Stelow Griffin has 20 years of experience building the capacity of organizations and leaders to make lasting change in their communities—in and out of school. She believes the most sustainable change happens when youth, the community, and leaders collaboratively develop strategies to address local challenges. She has extensive subject matter expertise in youth development, school and education reform strategies, afterschool and summer learning, and school and education financing.