Track: Health and Well-Being
Commitment: Partnering with Purpose
North Star: Strategic Partnerships

Format: Project-Based
Level of Learning: Learner

Within a rapidly changing health care environment, partnerships across sectors are rapidly proliferating to address the social determinants of health for high-needs, high-cost populations to improve outcomes. At the forefront are community-based organizations that are adapting their operations and infrastructure to partner more effectively with healthcare providers.

A discussion featuring representatives from Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) and to-be-invited guests will share perspectives on what it takes to prepare human services providers to partner in innovative ways across sectors. They will describe critical operational aspects of their successful partnerships, highlighting approaches related to:

  • Developing funding and capital
  • Creating collaborative agreements
  • Data sharing
  • Selecting and implementing screening tools
  • Establishing workflows for referral tracking
  • Implementing effective community engagement strategies

The hands-on learning portion of the session, facilitated by NFF will use a set of tools and resources developed under the Healthy Outcomes Initiative, a multi-year partnership with Kresge Foundation, providing advice, knowledge-sharing, and other assistance to advance health/human service integration and an upcoming effort in partnership with Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) and Kaiser Permanente Advancing CBO Healthcare Partnerships to Address Social Determinants of Health, which highlights case studies and tools to ultimately accelerate healthcare organizations’ partnerships with community-based organizations. It may also draw from resources/learnings from CHCS’ Transforming Complex Care Initiative, a partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundations.  

Learning Objectives

  • Key success factors of leading community-based organizations engaging in partnerships to address health outcomes
  • Various partnership models that bridge human services and health care
  • Practical tools to move cross sectors partnerships forward


  • Elise Miller, manger, advisory services, Nonprofit Finance Fund
  • Anna Spencer, senior program officer, Center for Health Care Strategies