Track: Health and Well-Being
Commitments: Innovating with Enterprise; Partnering with Purpose
North Star: Strategic Partnerships

Level of Learning: Doer

Learn how one community service provider changed the definition of collaboration by focusing on the customer, not the patient. Most health care providers and community service providers fully understand the research on social determinants of health. Yet, most of them have little idea what should happen to influence patient behaviors that lower costs and improve outcomes, who to partner with, and how to fund joint work. This is because they try to fit what they already do into the triple aim framework, which doesn’t work. The best of them convene “roundtable” conversations, but most communities default either to behavioral health interventions or pull back into their shells, panicked over internal funding shifts.  

Learning Objectives

  • Why the triple aim to improve patient experience, improve the outcomes, and reduce costs gets in the way
    How to determine which of your strengths matter to successful relationships
  • How to have and lead conversations with health care providers and payers
  • When to walk away (and when to run)


  • Timothy S. Johnstone, executive vice president of community services, Ascentria Care Alliance