Wednesday, Oct. 16 (General Session 2-3:15 p.m.-Session B 3:30-5 p.m.)

In its groundbreaking report, A National Imperative: Joining Forces to Strengthen Human Services in America, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities calls upon community-based organizations (CBOs) to develop the capacity for innovation that will accelerate the entire ecosystem toward higher performance, increased efficiency, and better outcomes.

Today, this means embracing and integrating technology to improve effectiveness and sustainability—technology that streamlines and improves outcomes, enables data-driven decision making, automates client services, creates time and cost savings in administrative functions, and more. And while there may be a significant cost and a learning curve associated with embracing this disruptive technology, not seizing these advances will leave many organizations at a distinct disadvantage in achieving their missions. For many CBOs, being left behind could even threaten their existence.

General Session

To help organizations move boldly into understanding and applying next-generation technology, the Alliance is offering the two-part session, CBO of the Future, at the 2019 Alliance National Conference. It will begin during the general session, featuring a tech industry keynote who will discuss how leaning into technology and innovation is imperative to achieving robust outcomes and, in many cases, delivering cost-savings over time. Following the initial mini keynote, several additional presenters will share their disruptive technology solutions in short, TED Talk-style presentations.

B2: Big Data in Practice

(During Session B Workshops)

Learn about the use of big data within health and human services to improve processes and outcomes. Participants will discuss the use of data analytics with examples of how to do it correctly vs. incorrectly and delineate between operationalized data and historical data. 

Presenter: Greg Povolny, CEO, Mindshare Technology 

B7: CBO of the Future Continued: Tech Showcase

(During Session B Workshops)

CBO of the Future will continue as a breakout session with a Tech Showcase. During this time, general session presenters will be joined by additional companies and organizations demoing their leading-edge technologies. This showcase will allow participants to learn about opportunities to address current needs as well as lay the groundwork for future tech-focused growth.

There is no doubt that staying future focused will allow CBOs to achieve the greatest impact, and gains in data collection, streamlined services, and staff efficiency alone demand investment. The insight and information offered by these presenters will make you aware of emerging technology, help you think strategically, and allow you to make the right technology decisions to serve your organization and community.

Contact the Alliance Development Department to learn more about CBO of the Future sponsorships, reserved exclusively for creators of disruptive, leading-edge technology for the social sector.