• Health and Well-Being
  • Organizational Excellence

This will be an interactive workshop based on the extensive work of Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) in supporting community-based organizations to partner with health care, including real-time findings from the Advancing Resilience in Community Health (ARCH) Initiative, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. ARCH is supporting networks of nonprofit community-based organizations across the U.S. to develop new partnership approaches, payment models, and contracts with large health care organizations to achieve better health outcomes. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the various kinds of networks of community-based organizations that are contracting with, or in negotiation with large healthcare organizations 
  • Learn about pros and cons of negotiating as a network 
  • Hear about the latest approaches to contracts and payment models, including the payor perspective 
  • Learn about preparing for contracts, including approaches to unit pricing, with an opportunity to apply costing tools to your own work  


  • Nima Krodel, vice president, Nonprofit Finance Fund

Nima Krodel
Vice President
Nonprofit Finance Fund

Nima Krodel implements the Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) national initiatives with nonprofits and funders. She advises on business model adaptation, capitalization, strategic financial planning, and outcomes-based efforts. Previously she managed NFF’s New England and Western Region Financial Services business development and loan underwriting. Prior to joining NFF, Krodel worked for Goldman Sachs in the Municipal Finance and Infrastructure Group, where she covered nonprofit healthcare and government clients. Krodel received a master’s of business administration from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and a bachelor of arts in economics from Northwestern University. She has served on numerous boards and committees and is currently a member of Audubon Elementary's Local School Council.