Track: Organizational Excellence

Child & Family Service (CFS) used A National Imperative to engage employees around the five north star initiatives. CFS has been using the method of Results Based Accountability (RBA) to measure all their program outcomes. RBA is a disciplined way of thinking and acting used to improve the lives of children, families, and communities.  

CFS utilized the RBA process to conduct a four-quadrant exercise around the north star initiatives to come up with a plan to see where CFS stood in relation to the initiatives. The RBA process was conducted with the leadership of the organization. This four-quadrant process asks three questions: How much are we doing, how well are we doing it, and is anyone better off?  

The objectives of the four-quadrant exercise were the following: 

  • Developing measurable key indicators for each of the north star initiatives  
  • Establishing a process for future action steps to achieve measurable impact 
  • Incorporating the North Star Initiatives into our current Strategic Planning Process 

CFS will be presenting on how the RBA exercise can be used as a tool that can heighten awareness among leadership and provide the frame work for moving forward in the areas of outcomes, collaborative partnerships, innovation, financial sustainability, and regulatory modernization as it has done in our organization. Emerging themes from the leadership group discussions served as key areas to focus on and measure for the following fiscal year. 


  • Kristin Hartley, director of organizational impact, Child & Family Service 
  • Christie Onato, chief performance officer, Child & Family Service

Kristin Hartley 
Director of Organizational Impact 
Child and Family Service 

Kristin Hartley has been the director of organizational impact at Child and Family Service (CFS) since 2016. In her role as director, she is responsible for facilitating and proving the impact of CFS. She oversees the organization’s quality assurance, EHR system Efforts to Outcomes (ETO), and outcomes-based process (Results Based Accountability (RBA)). She has been working in data and statistics for nearly 30 years in varying capacities. In her role at CFS, she was solely responsible for the organization-wide implementation of and transition in to ETO for all 50 of CFS’s programs. She is also primarily responsible for all aspects of RBA, ensuring with the help of her team, that all programs have meaningful performance measures and that program specific scorecards prove impact for the organization. 

Christie Onato 
Chief Performance Officer 
Child & Family Service 

Christie Onato is chief performance officer for Child & Family Service (CFS) and a member of the CFS Executive Leadership Team. In her position, she is responsible for performance measurement and quality assurance for the nearly 50 programs of one of the state’s largest human services community-based organizations.  

CFS measures the impact of its programs through Results Based Accountability (RBA), a nationally recognized model for using data to measure outcomes. Under Onato’s leadership, CFS has taken RBA to the next step to drive continuous quality analysis and improvements to provide better outcomes and guide transformative data measurement change to improve the lives of those served by CFS. 

Onato brings a strong background of clinical, as well as management experience, to CFS, enabling her to see potential from the family as well as systems sides. She joined CFS in 2003 as a program supervisor for the Healthy Start program. In 2005 she was named clinical coordinator for quality assurance and training and in 2010 was named director of the department. She was appointed CFS chief performance officer in 2018.  

Prior to joining CFS, Onato was a Family Visitation Centers supervisor at Parents and Children Together (PACT). She has also served as a family assessment worker at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children and as a skills trainer at The Institute for Family Enrichment (TIFFE). 

Onato holds national positions as a peer reviewer for the Council of Accreditation as well as a member of the Performance Excellence Alliance Peer Exchange Group core team for the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities. She holds a bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Hawaii and a master’s in marriage and family therapy from Capella University.