Track: Organizational Excellence

This breakout session is offered as a part of CBO of the Future: Embracing Disruptive Technology.

The presentation will focus on the use of big data, defined with a specific focus on health and human services. We will discuss how to use big data to improve processes and outcomes. We will further discuss the use of data analytics with examples of how to do it correctly vs. incorrectly and delineate between operationalized data and historical data. 

Learning Objectives:

  • What is big data? 
  • Adopting analytics 
  • How to make use of big data and data of interest 
  • Forward looking vs. backward looking 
  • Operational support vs. decision support 


  • Greg Povolny, CEO, Mindshare Technology
  • Nate Roggenbaum, director of performance and quality improvement, West Michigan Partnership for Children 

Greg Povolny 
Mindshare Technology 

Greg Povolny is the CEO and founder of Mindshare Technology. During Povolny’s tenure at Mindshare Technology, he applied high impact data analytics to more than 16 state child welfare systems. His efforts have paved the way, enabling agencies to make best use of data intelligence to improve outcomes for children and families. Prior to Mindshare Technology, Povolny started his career at IBM in research and development. After 10 years, he started a Tampa Bay based firm that was later acquired by Internet Capital Group (a Safeguard Scientifics company). Subsequently, Povolny founded Mindshare Technology and his primary focus continues to be the application of new technology in critical areas of social services.