• Educational Success
  • Organizational Excellence

Format: Project-Based

Success in our sector comes from committed and sustained attention to three elements in equal measure; the effectiveness of our services to others, fiscal sustainability, and staff well-being. Only a balanced commitment to all three components allows agencies to achieve their potential.

This session will explore how to chart a path from intention to action plan within highly strained work environments. Successful plans target strategies that truly make a different and can be implemented even within the pressures on agencies now. We will learn about this path and the critical element needed to develop strategies designed to each participant's agency context. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the connection between staff well-being and the performance and fiscal outcomes of agencies
  • Learn about a path for developing and executing strategies that boost staff well-being
  • Use the elements of a staff well-being plan to begin creating one that adapts to your agency’s current needs 


  • Margaret Vimont, vice president of strategy and service development, Nexus