• Educational Success
  • Safety and Resilience

For over 100 years, the Village of Boys Town has been a safe haven for children who have suffered adverse experiences, trauma, and other challenges. Since 2012, Boys Town has been working to implement a comprehensive prevention strategy that goes beyond serving individual youth and families to impacting communities to build wellness through the LIFT Together system. 

This workshop will present LIFT Together, a multi-component community-based prevention intervention system that uses family- and school-based programs to generate community-wide impact. Participants will understand LIFT Together as a comprehensive intervention implemented in collaboration with schools and other service providers to address specific community goals, such as preventing and reducing school disciplinary referrals. Participants will be introduced to the Boys Town Model of Care and components of LIFT Together, which are both universal and targeted, and include parent training, schoolwide social emotional learning interventions, care coordination, and family preservation. 

LIFT Together outcomes are measured at the population level instead of upon individual children and families. This presentation will consider on the implementation of universal prevention programs at three sites: Nebraska, Nevada, and Rhode Island. Evidence presented corresponds to routine clinical and implementation data collected for three programs (Boys Town Education Model, Common Sense Parenting, and Care Coordination). 

Learning Objectives:

  • Overview of LIFT Together as a "community prevention intervention system"
  • Specific elements of LIFT Together (needs assessment, capacity building, planning, program delivery, and evaluation)
  • Evaluation techniques and strategies for the success of the prevention interventions


  • Jon Jelley, vice president of youth care site operations, Boys Town

Jon Jelley
Vice President of Youth Care Site Operations
Boys Town

Jon Jelley brings 20 years of practice, supervision and executive management experience in both social services and the Boys Town model. Having previously been a police officer in the United Kingdom, Jon and his wife Kara, ran a home for 6 years for Boys Town using the Teaching Family model. Jon then moved into management overseeing residential and community-based programs in the Midwest and New York City. As the Executive Director of Boys Town New England, one of the Boys Town affiliate sites currently using the “LiftTogether with Boys Town” framework, Jon partnered closely with school leaders to impact children and families and improve outcomes in school communities with significant challenges. Jon is currently the Vice President of Youth Care Site Operations supervising Boys Town affiliate sites in multiple states.