This webinar will be rescheduled. In its place, the Alliance is hosting the webinar, COVID-19 and Fundraising Implications for Human Services Organizations. View full details and register online.

Conference Call Description

For the second of three conference calls in the Money and Marketing series focused on cultivating a successful fundraising board, we will discuss how to best leverage your board members’ networks.  Building a successful culture of philanthropy means efficiently working with your board, so you can connect with their colleagues for the greater good of your organization.

Asking for access to someone’s “rolodex” can be intimidating—for you and them. That may be because they don’t know what you are saying or asking of their contacts and their personal and professional reputation is on the line. Learn how to lessen their anxiety and yours by giving them very clear details about your agenda. And recruiting board members who are passionate about the mission and not afraid to share their personal stories is step one.

Monthly Conference Call Series

Money and Marketing: Improving Your Organization’s Fundraising, Marketing, and Communications

Are you looking for knowledge on how to advance your mission? Join your fundraising and marketing colleagues from across the country for informal conversation designed to spark ideas. The format is relaxed and casual—just like sharing your ideas, questions, and wisdom with a friend and colleague at the end of a long day. Each conference call will be the third Thursday of each month at 3:30 p.m. CT.

Additional session topics will be coming later in the year. If you have a fundraising, marketing, or communications topic you want covered, email your idea to Tim Kobussen, director of network growth, engagement, and marketing.

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Learning Objectives

  • Lessen your anxiety about board relations
  • How to develop a clear set of expectations for board members and their connections
  • How to respect your board members’ reputations while strengthening fundraising outcomes

Who Should Attend

  • CEOs
  • CFOs
  • Members of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications Alliance Peer Exchange group
  • Anyone interested in supporting their organization’s fundraising and marketing efforts


Dan Magnuson

Dan Magnuson is CEO of Lad Lake. The organization sees itself as the emergency room of the child welfare system where the team believes all children should have the support they need to overcome barriers and succeed in school and life. For eight generations, Lad Lake has prided itself on evolving to meet the community's most pressing needs. Magnuson has been CEO since 2014, and during his tenure, Lad Lake has nearly tripled in size.






Direct questions to Tim Kobussen, director of  marketing for organizational excellence at the Alliance.