In light of continued concerns related to the new coronavirus (COVID-19), the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is rescheduling this event.

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The Alliance Executive Leadership Conference features an open and supportive atmosphere for an intentionally sized group of 60 peer chief executives from across our strategic action network. Access to outstanding facilitators and thought leaders creates an environment for learning that transcends day-to-day operations and becomes an inflection point for vision, clarity, and strategy. The conference offers a refuge for reinvention and the enduring camaraderie of your Alliance network leaders, who will continue enrich your personal network and be an ongoing source for ideas and solutions.

Change Leadership: Navigating Tough Situations to Achieve Values-Based Policy & Systems Change
Our sector has a critical role to play in values-based advocacy. This session will build upon themes of social justice and social action discussed earlier in the day and draw on lessons from history to build solutions to today’s toughest problems. Whether it’s the crisis at the border Southern Arizona is currently experiencing, the gun violence epidemic, or discrimination in the child welfare system, we all are grappling with challenging issues in our communities and are living in difficult times that require us to stand up for solutions. 

But sometimes living our values and our missions puts us at odds with key stakeholders like donors, community members, policymakers, and others. Gain tools and advice for managing through those tough situations and identify opportunities to collectively lift up the Alliance’s collective federal policy agenda, which is tackling some controversial yet important issues.

Who Should Attend

  • Chief executives only