It’s critical to keep your workforce high performing and up to date with best practices through annual and compliance training, continuing education, and professional development opportunities. However, the time and resources this takes can be quite costly, especially if you have employees working second and third shifts, remotely, or in the field. And while online learning can be an effective and cost-saving solution over time, the start-up investment can be prohibitive.

To alleviate nonprofits’ challenges around employee training and development, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, in partnership with Web Courseworks, offers two online learning solutions. Both are based on Web Courseworks’ award-winning learning management system (LMS), CourseStage, and allow organizations to take advantage of a customizable learning platform to better grow, develop, and retain top talent.



These solutions can accommodate a robust catalog of offerings and courses featuring quizzes, surveys, discussions, and embedded videos. In addition, both options are mobile responsive, allow for organizational branding, technical support. View this chart to learn more about the LMS features and compare the solutions:

  • Learning as a Service, Powered by the Alliance. Gain the full functionality of an LMS with reduced implementation and management costs
  • CourseStage LMS, in partnership with the Alliance. Benefit from the Alliance’s reduced negotiated rate and confidence in Web Courseworks as a vetted provider

If your organization wants a fast and cost-effective way to promote its learning products without the challenge of maintaining a technical platform, the Alliance can help. We can work with you to create and promote your content on our platform, saving you time and money while also developing a new revenue stream for your organization. 

  • Alliance Learning Exchange. Benefit from full-service support that includes the Alliance publishing your content online, handling registrations and technical questions, and providing e-commerce functionality and reporting

Learning as a Service, Powered by the Alliance

Learning as a Service is ideal for small to medium organizations that are seeking to develop employees more efficiently and more conveniently. Learning as a Service provides your organization with all the functionality of a learning management system—like recording and reporting on completion of required trainings—and reduces implementation and management costs that typically come with a learning management system. 

Designed for small and medium organizations that:

  • Seek online learning for internal employees
  • Need to meet annual compliance regulations or provide other recurring training for employees
  • Seek a robust and flexible learning platform that can scale to meet growing needs
  • Have limited human resources to devote to learning
  • Have limited IT and administrative resource to devote to system/product support 

CourseStage LMS, in Partnership with the Alliance

The Alliance has negotiated special rates on the purchase of CourseStage LMS from Web Courseworks. CourseStage LMS includes built-in course authoring, learning assessment authoring, and business analysis tools. The LMS offers an intuitive and mobile-responsive interface that can be integrated with current in-person training programs, social learning, and adaptive learning solutions.

Designed for large organizations that:

  • Seek online learning for internal employees and external customers
  • Need to meet annual compliance regulations or provide other recurring training for employees
  • Have external customers taking training
  • Seek an LMS that integrates with a human resource enterprise system
  • Need a fully customizable solution




Alliance Learning Exchange

The Alliance Learning Exchange allows nonprofit organizations to easily gain additional users and revenue by exposing their courses and publications to its national audience of human services professionals. The Alliance will work with your organization to make your courses and reports available to the growing user group of over 3,500 professionals through the power of the Alliance Learning Community Catalog and delivery system. 


Why CourseStage Is Our Chosen Learning Platform 

  • Flexibility in configuration
  • Robust out-of-the-box tools
  • Impressive track record of providing managed services
  • Experience implementing complex use cases—integrating with a variety of HRIS, ERS, and other enterprise systems
  • Web Courseworks is a true partner in achieving the Alliance's learning goals

Web Courseworks' clients include more than 50 large nonprofits including organizations with annual revenue over $100 million. Annually, the CourseStage LMS supports 500,000 learners across the nation.

It also has won a prestigious Gold Brandon Hall Award for Excellence in Technology.