At this conference, the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities' largest event, network within and across roles, states, and organizational expertise. Everyone—from managers, to executives, to board members—is welcome. Make connections and build enduring professional relationships by leveraging formal and informal opportunities.

Maximize Your Networking Opportunities

Long-lasting connections can be made when you least expect it. Take advantage of these little moments between formal networking activities:

Conference Registration Desk

Introduce yourself to others while waiting in line to pass the time and meet someone new right away. Commiserate about your travel, rave about the weather, or compare notes on the workshops you plan to attend.


You can't meet new people if you sit with those you already know. Find an open chair, and start the conversation by asking if you can join the table. Have a seat, introduce yourself, and start chatting. 


Introduce yourself to the people sitting next to you. Since you’re all at the same session, you automatically have a common interest. 


Introduce yourself to the person in front of you while you fix your cup of coffee.

Remember to wear your conference name badge, which identifies you as part of the group. Starting conversations is easy, as everyone is having a shared experience.

Welcome Reception

Wednesday, Oct. 16 from 5:45-8:15 p.m.

Mingle with colleagues while enjoying some hors d'oeuvres at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. During the reception, participants have access to three exhibits: Take Me There: Greece, America Pop, and Dinosphere. The Alliance will provide roundtrip bus transportation to and from the conference hotel and the museum. 

Fundraising, Marketing, and Communications One-on-One Consultations

Every Day During Breakfast

Pick the brains of members of the Fundraising, Marketing, and Communications Alliance Peer Exchange group Core Team during one-on-one consultations. They'll be available to give their recommendations, including suggested next steps, on fundraising, branding, marketing, and public relations challenges. 

To sign up, send Pam Darnall a direct message in the conference app or sign up at the registration/information desk. 

Alliance Peer Exchange Meetups

Details Vary by Group

The 2019 Alliance National Conference will feature several Alliance Peer Exchange (APEX) group meetups. Through APEX groups, staff at organizations in the Alliance network who share similar interests or disciplines collaborate and share knowledge and best practices with one another. Participate in these meetups to build relationships and a sense of community with fellow members. Even if you’re not currently a member of a group, the conference is a great time to meet new people and learn more.

Specific meetup details are still being finalized. When registering for the 2019 Alliance National Conference, select your APEX groups. This information will be used to invite you to APEX-related programming or events at the conference as more details are available.

About APEX Groups

Check out the full list of available APEX groups and then log in to myAlliance to join those groups and connect with peers.

Contact the myAlliance team with questions.