The 2019 Alliance National Conference features several special workshop formats designed to enhance the learning experience.


During these fast-paced sessions, hear from several presenters on a variety of topics. Each 20-slide presentation is set up to advance every 20 seconds, and the presenters are ready to talk—sharing great ideas, something unexpected they have learned, or something that sparks their imagination. Because this rapid-fire style is designed to spark conversations, small-group discussions will follow the short presentations. Watch videos of Pecha Kucha presentations online.


Presenters will introduce their topics in less than 30 minutes and then engage attendees in hands-on applications of the topics. Session participants should have the opportunity to develop prototypes or examples. Presenters will also lead attendees in a discussion at the end of the session about what they’ve learned.

Study Tour

Study tours provide hands-on, experiential learning by leveraging the host community—Indianapolis—as a learning laboratory. In featuring organizations and collaborative initiatives around the city, study tours offer access to unique opportunities and places that cannot be experienced in a traditional workshop.