In an opinion piece published today by The Hill, Alliance for Strong Families and Communities President and CEO Susan Dreyfus articulates how the health and human service sector, comprised of both government agencies and nonprofit community-based organizations, is facing a triple hit of current policy proposals that, “if passed as proposed, pose a substantial threat to the system’s infrastructure and the ability of community-based health and human services organizations, like those in our national network, to provide important life changing support and services to individuals, families and communities.”

The triple threat includes:

  1. Proposed changes in the way Medicaid is financed
  2. The administration’s budget, which proposes a cut of more than $15 billion in federal health and human services spending
  3. Current tax reform proposals

She adds that, “The federal budget is a reflection of our nation’s values—and those values must include: investments in our human capital and the social determinants of health; increased incentives for charitable giving; and access to quality, preventive, and affordable healthcare for everyone.”

Earlier this year, the Alliance released its 2017-2019 Federal Public Policy Agenda, as the strategic action network is a vital partner with policymakers in pursuit of solutions that will accelerate progress toward achieving a healthy and equitable society.

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