The Family Focused Treatment Association (FFTA), a partner of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, is leading a sign-on letter effort calling on congressional leadership to create a national, uniform definition of therapeutic family care (TFC). FFTA is looking for national, state, and local organizations to lend their support for the Family Based Care Services Act of 2017


The sign-on letter states, "this legislation will help ensure that vital clinical services delivered by nationally accredited and state licensed provider agencies are available for a highly vulnerable population of the children and youth involved in our nation's child welfare and foster care systems: children with disabilities, medically fragile conditions and/or mental illness.”  


According to the association, “TFC is the least restrictive intensive treatment intervention for mentally and behaviorally disordered youth and medically fragile youth who can be served in family settings and would otherwise be served in higher levels of congregate care. TFC provides services and supports wherever the child resides, whether with their own family, in an adoptive family, in a kinship placement or in a treatment/therapeutic foster home.”  


Join us in signing on to this letter adding your organization's name through this online form, and reach out to the Office of Public Policy to let us know that your organization decided to sign on, as we're interested in identifying the Alliance member organizations who would like to work together with us on this issue.