A recent op-ed jointly written by Alliance for Strong Families and Communities President and CEO Susan Dreyfus and United Way Worldwide President and CEO Brian Gallagher was published in The NonProfit Times. Dreyfus and Gallagher called on federally elected leaders to make the charitable tax deduction available to everyone. This is an important issue for our sector as new research shows that current tax reform proposals could decrease charitable giving by an estimated $13.1 billion annually. Many nonprofit organizations rely heavily on charitable giving to support the services they provide since government grants do not cover the full cost.

It is increasingly important that we educate all members of congress on how current proposals could harm nonprofit human services, in addition to offering solutions that do not undermine proposals to increase the standard deduction or lower taxes.

In partnership with Leadership 18, Independent Sector, and the Coalition for Charitable Giving, Alliance staff is visiting key legislators in Washington. On Tuesday, Alliance staff met with Sen. Debbie Stabenow’s (D-Mich.) office to discuss the need to protect and expand the charitable tax deduction. The meeting was arranged by Leadership 18, a group of top CEOs from the country’s leading human service nonprofits. Dreyfus is currently the chair of Leadership 18. 

As Alliance staff meets with members of Congress, we will be reaching out to let you know when your Representative or Senator has been visited on this topic. We encourage you to use this toolkit that will help build an echo chamber on this issue. The toolkit includes a number of resources such as talking points, press release, letter to the editor, op-ed, and social media posts, to make your voices heard on this important issue. The toolkit was created by Independent Sector and Leadership 18, and is designed to help you connect directly with policymakers and their staff to make the case for extending the charitable deduction to 100 percent of taxpayers.

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