In March of 2016, the Alliance joined the Council on Accreditation (COA) in submitting comments and mobilizing our membership to submit comments the Department of Defense (DoD), urging it to allow COA accredited providers the ability to treat service members and their families. The addition of COA-accredited providers means that service members, veterans, and their families will have greater access to mental health and addiction treatment. This also means that many Alliance member organizations will now be able to utilize their innovation and expertise in treating this population.

An excerpt from the Alliance’s comments on the DoD’s proposed rule, Tricare: Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment:

“While Tricare's comprehensive certification standards were once considered necessary to ensure quality and safety, these comprehensive certification requirements are now proving to be overly restrictive and at times inconsistent with current industry-based institutional provider standards. There are currently several geographic areas that are inadequately served because providers in those regions do not meet Tricare certification requirements, even though they may meet the industry standard. The proposed rule seeks to streamline Tricare regulations to be consistent with industry standards for authorization of qualified institutional providers of mental health and SUD treatment. We fully support this change as it will result in an increase in the number of providers and in the geographic areas covered by services.”

To learn more, read COA’s press release.

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