The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities is featured in an article published today by The Chronicle of Social Change on the potential negative impact of the federal tax overhaul on the nonprofit human services sector.

In the article, Marlo Nash, senior vice president of public policy and mobilization at the Alliance, comments that the tax plan could ignite a “confluence of factors we see as a major threat to delivery of services.” She adds, “It’s really important to recognize the impact of this to our economy, which is why we can’t have a wrecking ball taken to it.”

The Alliance is concerned that doubling the standard deduction will cause a serious drop in those who itemize and thus are able to take advantage of the deduction. Instead, the Alliance supports making the charitable tax deduction universal and available to all taxpayers including those who don’t itemize. Additional factors that contribute to the threat include significant cuts to entitlement programs and discretionary-funded programs as well as weekend Medicaid guarantees.

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