Leaders representing human services, philanthropy, and the for-profit sector converged on Tampa, Florida Nov. 15-17 for the Innovation Design Summit: Building a 21st-Century Social Sector Workforce. There, they followed the human-centered design process to identify and develop ideas into action plans that can be adopted and accelerated by organizations, communities, and the Alliance network. Groups used inspiration from various speakers, their diverse experience, and a lot of Post-its to think about new ways to seize opportunities. Learn more about how the summits use human-centered design.

These Innovation Design Summits are not one-and-done events. They’re is just the beginning of our shared efforts to bring the concepts to life. The Alliance will support ongoing efforts through the creation of Alliance Peer Exchange groups related to all of the summits. Additionally, the Alliance will invite national partners and investors to aid in taking ideas to scale, and we will align our national strategy to support the full execution of these ideas. Stay tuned to learn more about the specific concepts generated during the summit.

Take Action Post Summit

Two other Innovation Design Summits use the same human-centered design process to tackle additional opportunities for the sector:

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