TAKE ACTION TODAY to Oppose the U.S. House Harmful Federal Tax Code Overhaul Bill – Thursday, Nov. 15, 2017

It is vital that you take action today to urge a “no” vote on the U.S. House bill - HR 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. As it is written, HR 1 poses serious threats to local, state and national economies, the people in your community and state, and to organizations in the health and human services sector, like yours.

After emailing or calling your representative(s), you are urged to tweet at them, using the sample tweets below.

You can also make sure others in your organization and networks take action by forwarding this action alert.


Email Your Representative


Call Your Representative


Post Sample Tweets

If you have a minute, share one or more of these sample tweets. (If you don’t use Twitter, ask your organization's communications department to take this step.)

Find your representative's Twitter username online.

.[@YourRepresentative]: Vote no on HR1. The cost of tax cuts is too high when it means cutting the foundational supports that build strong families and communities.

.[@YourRepresentative]: America's health and human services professionals support stronger families and communities. HR1 will erode that foundation and prove harmful to working families over the long term.

.[@YourRepresentative]: Changes to the tax code should support stronger families and communities who are the backbone of the American economy.

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Direct questions to Jennifer Ralston, associate director of public policy at the Alliance.